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    • Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix

      Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix

      15 saltines
      2 cups dry parsley flakes, minced
      1/2 cup instant minced onion
      2 tablespoons dry dill weed
      1/4 cup onion salt
      1/4 cup garlic salt
      1/4 cup onion powder
      1/4 cup garlic powder

      Dump all ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend until completely powdered.

      To Use: combine 1 Tbsp. dry mix, 1 cup of may & 1 cup of buttermilk.
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      Comments 10 Comments
      1. hamrsark's Avatar
        We use 1/2 C Mayo and 1/2 C SOUR CREAM. It makes it nice and thick and gives it that "little something extra"!!!
      1. bleedingace's Avatar

        I made this today, so i could make a bacon ranch noodle salad. It turned out great just thiner than the storebought. Our family rated it a 10!!

      1. ballowh's Avatar
        Do you have to use buttermilk or will 2% milk work as well?
      1. Jane's Avatar
        Quote Originally Posted by ballowh View Post
        Do you have to use buttermilk or will 2% milk work as well?
        No, you really can't use 2% milk and have the flavor be close. Buttermilk (despite it's name and consistency) is low in fat and has a slightly sour flavor. 2% Milk contains butterfat and does not have the same flavor or consistency.
      1. cgettler's Avatar
        My daughter loves ranch and I am eager to try this as I am always looking for a great tasting ranch recipe and it looks like this will do it!! Thanks for sharing.
      1. Nonnie's Avatar
        I am anxious to try this, we love Hidden Valley Ranch and it is so expensive. I want to cut the recipe down to try it and I don't want to buy a whole thing of buttermilk. I usually use an emergency substitution when a recipe calls for buttermilk. You stir 1 TBS of white vinegar or lemon juice into 1 cup milk and allow to stand for 5 minutes. Do you think this will this work?
      1. silverrbj's Avatar
        I am going to give this a try, my wife loves ranch dressing..
      1. teamjethro's Avatar
        When I make this I use powdered buttermilk and therefore I can use 2% milk
      1. adburge's Avatar
        I have been using this recipe for quite a few years now and love it. In the last few years I have ahd to watch the fat intake, due to high cholesterol. I love salads and I do not like fat free dressings, hat is until this Greek yogurt fad has made its way around, wow instead of sour cream I use this with no fat milk, it makes an awesome dressing, I had my dietician figure the calories and it worked out to be about 50 calories for a 1/4 cup of dressing, and almost no fat count and tastes wonderful. The catch is to make sure you let it set in the fridge so the flavors can bloom. All hale to the one who made this recipe, you let me have my favorite dressing and still can stay on my diet, oh and I take the garlic and onion salt out and salt each dressing to taste. Thanks for this recipe Not to mention the money you will save.
      1. Countrygardener's Avatar
        I am going to try this asap, whole family loves " Hidden Valley" and yes it is so expensive and I'm definitely
        looking to cut the grocery bill .....Sounds like a good place to start....TY

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