• Assorted Drink Mix Recipes

    Choose from several of our most favored assorted Drink Recipes:

    1. Almond Butter Beverage Mix
    2. Arizona Green Tea Clone
    3. Almost
      Eden Soymilk Clone
    4. Carnival Drink Mix
    5. Chocolate Malted Milk Mix
    6. Coffee Concentrate Syrup
    7. Creamsicle Drink Mix
    8. Eggnog Mix
    9. Hot Caramel Milk Mix
    10. Hot Spiced Orange Drink Mix
    11. Ice Tea Syrup Concentrate
    12. Instant Breakfast Drink Mix
    13. Lemonade Syrup (Concentrate)
    14. MYO Coffee Creamer
    15. MYO Quick Soymilk
    16. Ovaltine Drink Mix (Copycat Recipe)
    17. Root Beer
    18. Snapple Ice Tea Clone (Varying Flavors)
    19. Spiced Cranberry Cider Mix
    20. Strawberry Julius Clone
    21. Strawberry-Vanilla Drink Mix

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