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    • Bisquick


      16 c all-purpose flour

      8 Tbs. baking powder
      2 Tbs salt
      4 cup shortening

      Blend all ingredients well. Use as you would regular bisquick
      Recipe may be halved.
      Comments 9 Comments
      1. gizer25's Avatar
        gizer25 -
        Please forgive my naivete but when it says shortening--is that the solid shortening?
      1. werecat's Avatar
        werecat -
        Quote Originally Posted by gizer25 View Post
        Please forgive my naivete but when it says shortening--is that the solid shortening?
        Yup. that would be the stuff. I make up a slightly different variation of this as follows:
        Master Mix
        (Bisquick? Bisquick?!! We don’t need no stinkin’ Bisquick!)

        To make 13 cups of Master Mix:

        9 cups sifted all-purpose flour
        1/3 cup double acting baking powder
        1 tablespoon salt
        2 teaspoon cream of tarter
        ¼ cup sugar
        2 ½ cups non fat dry milk
        2 cups shelf stable shortening (or butter if stored in freezer)

        Stir baking powder, salt, cream of tarter and sugar into flour. Sift together 3 times into a large bowl. Cut in shortening until mix is the consistency of corn meal. If using a food processor divide dry ingredients in approximate quarters and cut in ½ cup shortening (or butter) at a time. Bringing the batches back together and incorporating them well at the last. Store prepared mix in covered containers at room temperature or freezer if butter was used. To measure master mix, pile it lightly into cup and level off with spatula.
      1. Tashdan's Avatar
        Tashdan -
        That one is here on the site as well. Here are a bunch more I just found!

        Bake it all Mix
        Baking Mix, Low Sodium
        Quick Mix #1
        Quick Mix #2
        Quick Mix #3 - HUGE recipe!

        Wow, I love this site more and more everyday.
      1. bleedingace's Avatar
        bleedingace -
        dear werecat, can you still use the Bisquick recipes for like (biscuits) with that one?
      1. Deborah_D's Avatar
        Deborah_D -
        Oh Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this recipe. I lost mine awhile ago and couldn't find it anywhere. I have been looking for it.

        I am REALLY loving this site more and more~!!
      1. melspragg's Avatar
        melspragg -
        How do I store the mix and how long does this last?
      1. Tipsy's Avatar
        Tipsy -
        Why does your recipe have cream of tartar if you already have baking powder? Did you mean Baking soda? I'm looking for a gluten free baking mix, my husband loves biscuits but can't have them with wheat flour, I wonder if this will work with other flours?
      1. Anita Sharp's Avatar
        Anita Sharp -
        Thanks for posting this. I don't usually use Bisquick, and had to get some for a specific recipe. I was horrified at how much it cost! for just a regular box. I will be mixing this up and figuring out the cost! Thanks~
      1. willowwend's Avatar
        willowwend -
        YEAH!!! I use Bisquick-type products all the time, and they are EXPENSIVE! I can't wait to make this and save. Thank you for sharing!!!

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