• A-1 Steak Sauce

    Our youngest son LOVES this sauce on Everything and anything, including pork, beef, chicken AND vegetables. Here is our closest copycat recipe for your favorite brand name sauce.

    You'll Need:

    • 1/2 C Orange Juice
    • 1/2 C Raisins
    • 1/4 C Soy Sauce
    • 1/4 C White Vinegar
    • 2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
    • 1 Tbsp Dried Grated Orange Peel
    • 2 Tbsp Ketchup
    • 2 Tbsp Chili Sauce

    Dump everything into a saucepan over med heat. Boil, stirring continuously for 2 min. Remove from heat, cool 10 minutes, dump mixture into blender and puree. Pour into bottle or jar and & cover tightly. Will last approx 3 months.

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    1. upsideofdown's Avatar
      upsideofdown -
      Since this costs well over $4.00 sometimes $5.00 at my local grocer (rural area), the recipe should be a cost saver for sure.
    1. msweeneye's Avatar
      msweeneye -
      Save a Lot has a steak sauce made by Kurtz that tastes like A-1 and its like only $2. Thats what I buy now.
    1. frvetere's Avatar
      frvetere -
      I will be making this for sure! Thank you poster!
    1. Shellc1971's Avatar
      Shellc1971 -
      Has anyone tried this? I would love to know if this tastes teh same.
    1. armygirlvet's Avatar
      armygirlvet -
      Do the raisins cook down or should the sauce be strained before storing?
    1. crpace's Avatar
      crpace -
      This sounds wonderful! I will be trying this.
    1. Caitieb5189's Avatar
      Caitieb5189 -
      The raisins become a part of the sauce when you puree it in the blender, this sounds wonderful and I can't wait to give it a try.
    1. arivers's Avatar
      arivers -
      I'm super excited to see this recipe. My family loves A1 steak sauce.
    1. kimmi1120's Avatar
      kimmi1120 -
      I make my own steak sauce. 2 simple ingredients, ketchup and worchestershire sauce to taste.
    1. jwwilliams246's Avatar
      jwwilliams246 -
      This is a keeper recipe in our house for sure. Thanks
    1. Nena10's Avatar
      Nena10 -
      I love A-1 steak sauce so I think I will be trying out this recipe for sure.
    1. Lisa68's Avatar
      Lisa68 -
      A-1 is the only steak sauce I use SO I cant wait to try this!!
    1. Lakotaweon's Avatar
      Lakotaweon -
      I love this recipe, I also made a coupe of batches ahead of time and canned it! Love IT!
    1. marion77's Avatar
      marion77 -
      I want to try this.Sounds good,and easy.
    1. joelynx's Avatar
      joelynx -
      This sounds awesome!! Saving and trying it. Thank you
    1. bethmc47's Avatar
      bethmc47 -
      Thank you can't wait to give this a try.
    1. BearK's Avatar
      BearK -
      Could I freeze this in ice cube trays and just thaw out when I need it?
    1. MamaSmurf's Avatar
      MamaSmurf -
      Quote Originally Posted by BearK View Post
      Could I freeze this in ice cube trays and just thaw out when I need it?
      That sounds like a great idea to try. I do that with herbed butter cubes. They don't take long to defrost and stay fresh.

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