Make your own inexpensive holistic Herbal Flea powder as the best frontline solution to prevent fleas, ticks and other biting insects from harming your beloved pet

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  • Frontline of Defense Herbal Flea Powder

    Making your own frontline first defense Herbal Flea Powder is a great way to ditch the toxic chemical repellents and get rid of nasty biting insects.
    Make your own Frontline first defense Herbal Flea powder & ditch the toxic chemicals

    While this recipe uses powdered herbs, you don't have to purchase them as powder. They can be purchased as dried leaf and powdered by placing them in a blender, grinder or homemade mason jar bullet and ground using the pulse button until it reaches a powder-like consistency.
    The term one part depends entirely on how much product you want to make. If you want 1/4 cup of end product, use 1Tbs of each. If you want 1 Cup of finished product use
    1/4 cup of each, etc.

    You'll Need:
    1 part eucalyptus (powdered)
    1 part pennyroyal (powdered) (use sage or rosemary for cats)
    1 part fennel (powdered)
    1 part yellow dock (powdered)

    Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker & apply often, rubbing into your pets coat. Avoid getting this blend in the eyes. If you don't have nice mason jar shaker tops like the one pictured, you can repurpose a parmesan cheese can cover on a mason jar for the same effect.It's best to apply this powder a couple time a day for heavy infestation and be sure to immediately bring the pet outside as the fleas will "Jump Ship" so to speak and you surely do NOT want them making their home in you carpeting inside!

    Do not apply anything containing pennyroyal to pregnant animals, Pregnant women should avoid handling this blend for the same reason.

    Finding the Ingredients

    If you're not familiar with purchasing dried herbs, you might be wondering where to even get them. Many natural food stores, Whole Foods,
    Trader Joes, Natural food Co-ops, etc carry a wide selection of bulk herbs. You simply measure a small amount into a bag and they can be purchased very inexpensively, usually less than 50¢ per CUP of ingredient, due to the weight.

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    1. Errol1951's Avatar
      Errol1951 -
      What about a chicken coup
    1. SCMary's Avatar
      SCMary -
      Thanks for posting. I'll try it.
    1. Vanessa004's Avatar
      Vanessa004 -
      This has been a godsend in our house. I purchased the bulk herbs for less than $4 in all at a local whole foods market store in my area. Then I blended them until they were a coarse powder using my blender. I sprinkled them into the rugs every night before bed and vacuumed every morning for 10 days. I completely got rid of the infestation in my house. THANK YOU.
    1. GoodLife's Avatar
      GoodLife -
      Vanessa, sounds like you KILLED those nasty fleas, but you'll want to retreat in a few weeks when the larve eggs will hatch.
      You'll want to treat your yard as well. Use natural predators in your yard. You can purchase "beneficial nematodes" from a pet shop, a gardener's supply store or a store that focuses on organic lawn care. Beneficial nematodes consume flea larvae, which prevents the next generation of fleas from invading your home. Don't worry--these aren't the nematodes that can cause your pet to have heartworms
    1. JoHawk's Avatar
      JoHawk -
      How about cats.... I have three and need something to use as well
    1. nealsmith's Avatar
      nealsmith -
      Quote Originally Posted by JoHawk View Post
      How about cats.... I have three and need something to use as well
      yes, just follow the directions which says:

      1 part pennyroyal (powdered) (use sage or rosemary for cats)

      I take that to mean, don't use pennyroyal on cats, use sage or rosemary instead.

      I make a spray for my cats:

      2 cups raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar
      1 Tbsp. dried organic neem leaf
      1 Tbsp. dried organic catnip
      1 Tbsp. dried organic lavender
      1 Tbsp. dried organic peppermint leaf
    1. SoniaE's Avatar
      SoniaE -
      I have cats and dogs. If I use the powder on my dogs will it affect my cats? Just wondering whey we cant use pennyroyal on cats?
    1. recipfresh's Avatar
      recipfresh -
      Thanks for sharing this, I found it about mid-January, made a batch and my home is completely flea free now. Thank you so very much!
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