homemade tea mix recipes for gifts from the kitchen money saving mix recipes for coffees, cocoa, tea, flavored creamers and more

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  • Tea Mix recipes

    Create your own delicious tea mixes for various times of the year. These make lovely additions to gift baskets, college care packages, military care packages as well as for having on hand for everyday use.

    1. Arizona Green Tea
    2. Butterscotch Tea Mix
    3. Caribbean Tea Mix
    4. Chai Tea
    5. Cherry Tea Mix
    6. Cranberry Tea Concentrate Mix
    7. Diet Spiced Tea Mix
    8. Friendship Tea Mix
    9. Ginger Tea Mix
    10. Ice Tea Syrup Concentrate
    11. Peach Tea mix
    12. Red Hot Tea Mix
    13. Snapple Iced Tea & Various Flavors
    14. Sugar Free Cherry
      Tea Mix
    15. Tranquil Tea Mix
    16. Wild Mint Tea Mix
    17. Winter Solstice Tea Mix


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