Create your own delicious money saving Coffee Creamer Mixes to add to your favorite coffee and cappuccino brew in more than 17 different flavors. Homemade coffee creamers make excellent gifts too.

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  • Creamer Mix Recipe Index

    Creamer mixes are an easy way to enhance your favorite mug of Joe! These recipes are tried and true favorites that our members have shared over the years.
    Many of the recipes below call for the Base Mix of this homemade Plain powdered Coffee creamer.

    1. Amaretto Coffee Creamer Mix
    2. Amaretto Coffee Creamer #2
    3. Bavarian Mint Coffee Creamer Mix
    4. Cappuccino Coffee Creamer Mix
    5. Chocolate Mint Coffee Creamer Mix
    6. Cinnamon Coffee Creamer Mix
    7. Cinnamon & Spice Coffee Creamer
    8. Creamy
      Mocha Coffee Creamer Mix
    9. Fireside Coffee Creamer Mix
    10. Gingerbread Coffee Creamer Mix
    11. Irish Cream Coffee Creamer Mix
    12. Liquid Coffee Creamer
    13. Malted Mocha Coffee Creamer Mix
    14. Mocha Coffee Creamer Mix
    15. MYO Coffee Creamer
    16. Orange Coffee Creamer Mix
    17. Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer Mix
    18. Strawberry Cream Coffee Creamer Mix
    19. Toffee Coffee Creamer Mix
    20. Vienna Coffee Creamer Mix

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    1. dbsummersun13's Avatar
      dbsummersun13 -
      I noticed that some of the creamer mixes asked for nondairy creamer. Can I substitute dry milk for that?
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by dbsummersun13 View Post
      I noticed that some of the creamer mixes asked for nondairy creamer. Can I substitute dry milk for that?
      No. The recipe will not come out and will have an entirely different taste/ consistency.
    1. dbsummersun13's Avatar
      dbsummersun13 -
      I tried the cinnamon spice creamer. I was great but I added extra cinnamon to mine.
    1. kdolady1's Avatar
      kdolady1 -
      Has anyone tried to make or know of a recipe for Vanilla Creamer ?
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