Simple photo and video tutorial on how to fold a washcloth elephant - perfect for baby showers

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  • Adorable Towel Elephant Baby Shower Idea

    These baby washcloth elephants are absolutely adorable and perfect for baby showers! They're also pretty easy to put together!
    It's remarkably simple to transform baby washcloths into adorable elephants, perfect for adorning packages, sitting atop diaper cakes, or as an inexpensive gift on their own. The washcloths are not damaged in any way, so they can simply be unfolded and used once given as a gift.

    To start you'll need 2 baby washcloths per elephant that you wish to make. We recommend using the organic bamboo baby washcloths, they work great.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    1. Lay the towel flat in a landscape orientation
    2. Fold both sides of your towel length-ways, into the middle
    3. Roll both sides until they meet the middle
    4. Roll the right side diagonally
    5. Roll the left side until they meet in the middle
    6. Turn it over
    7. Under the two corners sticking up, fold down the cuff and pinch it at the back
    8. Keep pinching the cuff while turning the ears inside out
    9. Place the head on the body, and thatís an elephant!

    Now for the Visual:

    Complete step by step tutorial for making a towel elephant

    Still Not sure how to make them? Here's a Video:

    We'd love to see your towel elephants, feel free to share photos in the comments below!

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