A Light Flaky Hot pocket crust enveloping a heart creamy gravy with peas, carrots, onions and chicken

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  • Pie Iron Pot Pie

    Pie Irons are wonderful individual serving size cast iron "pans" if you will that allow you to create luscious meals and desserts while camping. In this case, we created light flaky pot pie crusts filled with a hearty filling of chicken, peas, carrots, onions and sauce.

    This is a Premeditated Leftover meal... when I prepare pot pie filling, I double the recipe, than freeze the extras in vacuum seal bags in 2 cup increments. This makes it super easy to reheat and serve over fresh biscuits during
    a busy workweek or to bring a package of filling camping to make these delectable pot pies.

    1/3 Chopped Onion
    1/3 C. Flour
    1/3 C. Margarine
    1 bag peas/carrots blend, frozen (but rinsed to get rid of ice chunks)
    1¾ C. Chicken Broth
    2/3 C. Milk
    1 c. cut up cooked chicken (or any leftover meat)

    In a medium saucepan Melt butter, add onions- sauté for a minute.

    Add flour, mix till pasty, add broth and milk.(This is actually called a Roux).

    Stir constantly until creamy and thick ( cooking over medium heat), Add veggies & chicken. If you use a whisk, the sauce will be smooth and creamy and will NOT be lumpy.

    To Make a Pie Iron Pot Pie:

    You'll need:
    1 pkg Crescent
    Pot Pie Filling
    Non-Stick Veggie Spray
    Pie Iron

    Lightly grease or spray the inside of the pie iron.

    Line it with crescent roll dough. Spoon the filling onto the dough. Top with another crescent dough piece, seal the pie iron and cook over a campfire for 3-4 minutes per side.

    This isn't a perfect science folks, it depends on how hot your fire is, whether you're cooking over coals or open flame, etc.

    Serve with cranberry sauce.

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