Many Garden Pest problems involve domestic animals infringing on neighbor's yards - here's how to stop them!


  • Repelling Cats and Dogs

    Cats and Dogs can wreak havoc on a garden or landscaping by digging and/or defecating near your plants. Here's how to naturally repel them inexpensively . . .
    15+ Ways to Repel Cats and Dogs away from gardens and landscaping

    1. Citrus is extremely effective at repelling cats and dogs, to use it simply dry citrus rind such as grapefruit or lemon, then grind it into a powder. Spread liberally over the soil in areas you wish to repel animals.
    2. Use any thorny plant clippings like rose or raspberry canes to spread on the soil.
    3. Plant some catnip or catmint in an out of the way area to keep cats away from other garden spaces.
    4. There is a repellent sold at PetSmart called
      "Reppers" that quite a few people have said is very effective against cats.
    5. Make a tea from rue and spray the boundary. Cats absolutely abhor rue. Try planting rue throughout landscaping and at the edging of gardens to repel them as well as to have enough fresh rue to make your own natural repellent sprays. Rue is a pretty perennial herb with blue, green leaves and yellow flowers. It can cause contact dermatitis in some people.
    6. Also try planting a thick groundcover like sedum acres, hardy iceplant etc.
    7. Another effective interesting trick is to place mouse traps with the trap side down on the soil. When they are disturbed they will pop into the air and scare the intruder. The trap is already sprung when it jumps so it won't cause any actual harm to the cats (or any other animal)
    8. Dogs and cats: Some folks have had success by sprinkling bloodmeal on the soil.
    9. If you can get seeds from a
      sweet gum tree try using them as a barrier.
    10. Spread pinecones around.
    11. Sprinkle red pepper, cayenne pepper, or black pepper as a barrier to deter cats, dogs, rabbits and squirrels
    12. Also try spraying the perimeter of the area with hot pepper spray. Must be repeated after a rainfall.
    13. Try spraying full strength lemon juice where they get in the garden.
    14. Plant calendula (pot marigold) which repels dogs.
    15. Sink some plastic bottles into the soil, filled with water in several places in the garden. Dogs and cats supposedly respect fresh water resources and will use other places to do their business.
    16. Use chicken wire or plastic mesh disguised under some mulch in garden beds. Cats can't dig so they won't (hopefully) poop.

    What are your favorite tried and true methods for deterring problem areas away from your garden or landscaping?

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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Used coffee grounds. Cats avoid areas where they have been sprinkled.
    1. LIZBETH1944's Avatar
      LIZBETH1944 -
      I used bloodmeal once and it worked keeping the 4 leggers out. However I then had yellow jackets (I think) hovering around me and my garden. I will try some of your other ideas.
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