Delicious easy Campfire Toasted Strawberry treat that you can make in just a couple minutes, camping has never tasted so good!

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  • Easy Campfire Strawberries

    Like many families, we look forward to camping several times throughout the year. To be perfectly honest with you, it's mainly because of all the fantastic food and treats that we end up eating!
    Toasted Campfire Strawberries- a delicious skewered treat!
    Somehow or other, we never seem to eat these tasty recipes UNLESS we're out in the woods somewhere, sitting around a crackling campfire.

    This particular treat is super simple to make. Skewer some fresh (dry) strawberries onto a roasting skewer (or S'more skewer) then dip them into some marshmallow fluff until they are well coated.

    You don't have to buy fluff at the store, you can make your own, like
    we do- the recipe is right here.

    Once the strawberry is coated the way you like, roast it over the open flames of the campfire until golden brown.


    In case you're wondering, this also works well with chunks of banana (although be sure to use slightly under-ripe bananas for this!) as well as fresh pineapple slices (which can be sprinkled with cinnamon just prior to roasting) for an additional taste bud treat.

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