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    Comments 5 Comments
    1. shaylynn's Avatar
      shaylynn -
      Trying to download the pdf for the Traveling Eye Spy Game and got a security token was invalid contact the administrator.
    1. trishgean's Avatar
      trishgean -
      I noticed the super laundry sauce doesn't dissolve like the original way to make it. I don't think I did anything wrong. I had to change it alittle because my blender(sunbeam) which I bought at Salvation army just to make soap. doesn't screw on like other blenders. You can only use it with the pitcher it comes with. I think I will try again in awhile to make 1/2 a batch using blender and pouring into jars. And it is messy, Any tips to make 1/2 a batch instead of the jars?
      thanks Trish
    1. BarbaraJanes's Avatar
      BarbaraJanes -
      got a message saying security token was invalid contact administrator
    1. sherryc's Avatar
      sherryc -
      Love the Laundry sauce undated receipe faster and easier. I did get the oster blender, but the oring did come off in the jar. It was clean and dry, so unsure how happened. I did use my had held blender for drinks worked great.
      I also want to know how to change my password don't like the one sent to me, won't remember it.
    1. ggsmom's Avatar
      ggsmom -
      My posts aren't showing in some threads. Who do I contact for help with this? Also, where is the TY button located?

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