What if protecting your kids from sunburn was as easy as putting on a bracelet?

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  • MYO Anti-Sunburn Bracelet

    What if protecting your kids from sunburn was as easy as putting on a bracelet? Guess what, it is!

    MYO Anti-Sunburn Bracelet that alerts you when to apply more sunscreen!

    Summer is on it's way and what's the best way to spend the first day of summer? Out in the sun of course, sipping on some ice cold drink relaxing near some water. Sounds like a perfect way to relax to me, until you go to bed that night and you realize you didn’t put enough sunscreen on and you are about as red as a ripe tomato.
    Then you break out the aloe and other burn creams and try to find
    a way to lay down without rubbing that one spot that feels like you’re on fire.

    So let’s go back and start the day off again, how would you avoid all of this in the first place? UV pony beads! These little beads start to glow and change colors once they are in the sun. It is an almost flawless way of keeping track of your sunscreen levels and making sure you don't get burned.

    All you need is-

    10-12 UV pony beads
    8-10 inch piece of string

    Take a few of your beads and string them up, once they are strung up in the order you want them you tie off your bracelet and put it on.

    Once you are ready to go out into the sun and enjoy the day, lather on your sunscreen, ensuring that you apply it evenly on your body. Make sure that when you are putting on your sunscreen that
    you lather up your beads that you are wearing on your bracelet.

    Once you go out in the sun you will be able to check the beads every now and then to see if they have started to change color and you will know when the sunscreen is wearing off and whether you need to put on more sunscreen. It helps to wear an anklet as well as a bracelet, particularly on smaller children who may be playing in the sand.

    It isn’t completely perfect but it will help you keep track of when you need to put on more and give you a chance to monitor your kids from several feet away. It might also save you from a night of tossing and turning trying to find the perfect spot!

    UV pony beads are very inexpensive and can be found online at amazon as well as in craft supply areas of big box stores such as Walmart, Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and more.

    What if you've Already gotten a Sunburn? Check out this great tip for alleviating the pain and discomfort of a nasty burn. . .

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    1. kparker46350's Avatar
      kparker46350 -
      I think this is a great idea. especially for the kids that dont like to ware sunscreen.
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