Make an adorable Brrr Snowman! This would make a great holiday gift. Make the bottom drawstring and you'll have a snowman gift bag for homemade mixes

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  • Brrrr Snowman

    Create your own adorable "shivering" snowman... this cute little guy can be made with a drawstring bottom to create a "snowman bag" to hold homemade gift mix as well!

    Free Printable Pattern

    Free Printable Pattern Part 2

    Transfer the pattern on the fabric (for body and hands, in this case the material is colored Felt).

    Put the pieces together and hold them in place with needles.

    Before you sew parts of the body have to embroider a snowman face and his famous «Brrr ...». To do this, carefully choose a spot for the Brrr and sketch it on... and also note the eyes, eyebrows
    and mouth on the face.

    Next, sew the hat and mitten pieces together.

    Stitch the pieces carefully, leaving a 1/2" edge.

    Now trim the edges with Pinking Shears, this helps prevent them from fraying or unraveling.

    Sew the body of a snowman. Fill with synthetic padding body, It is necessary to ensure that the shoulders of the snowman are loosely packed otherwise it will be difficult to shape him at the end.

    At the bottom of the body gather the edges with a needle and thread and sew by hand bottom.

    Sew the mittens/hands to the arms by overlapping the lightly stuffed mitten and wrapping the inside edge. Sew carefully to hide the seam.

    Repeat that same process with the hat to also hide the seam.

    Sew a small patch with uneven stitches to the side of the snowman.

    Now, add a nose - here we sharpened the end of a small dowel with a
    pencil sharpener, then crimped it off, painted it with Paint (you can use nail polish, if there is an orange); or even an orange sharpie.


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    1. Momo's Avatar
      Momo -
      This is adorable! Thanks!
    1. Blustd's Avatar
      Blustd -
      Put some rice in the bottom to make it weighted, to sit easily.
    1. Jtheresa's Avatar
      Jtheresa -
      thank u 4 sharing. what are snowmans dimensions? just curious. thanks again
    1. LoriStarz's Avatar
      LoriStarz -
      Gorgeous!! I will have to try this for all the grandboys!!
    1. knottstone2's Avatar
      knottstone2 -
      This is very cute! Thanks for sharing!
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