How to make your own Sparkling Frosty the Snowman Cupcakes for the holidays

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  • MYO Sparkling Frosty the Snowman Cupcakes

    Add a little sparkle to your holiday celebration with these adorable, sparkling frosty the snowman cupcakes!
    Make Sparkling Snowman Cupcakes

    You'll Need:

    1 cake mix (any flavor you want, chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc)
    Cupcake Liners
    Sparkling Sugar Crystals
    Vanilla Frosting (or buttercream frosting)
    Chocolate chips (Mini's work fine)
    Butterscotch Chips

    Bake the cupcakes according to the package (or recipe) directions. Let them cool completely before frosting them. Frost them with your favorite vanilla or buttercream frosting and then immediately invert them into a shallow bowl filled with sparkling sugar crystals.
    Ensure even coverage of the entire face.

    Add the face, you can use butterscotch chips for the nose.

    If you don't have sugar crystals you could use shredded coconut for the "snow" effect.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

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