Make your own Homemade Thirst Quenching Sports drinks and control the price and the ingredients!

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  • MYO Thirst Quenching Sports Drinks

    Improper hydration during activity is unhealthy for the body. It's important to replace salts and electrolytes when walking, jogging or any activity that causes excessive sweating. Here are some inexpensive homemade sport drink recipe combinations where you can control the ingredients.
    Make Your Own Thirst Quenching Sports Drinks
    Each of the following formulations allows approximately 7% sugar concentration (glucose or sucrose are preferred) and a salt concentration of 1-2 grams per liter. Be aware that a higher sugar content, above 8%, may actually hinder water absorption.

    Basic Sports Drink
    1 quart (32 oz) or 1 liter water
    1/3 cup sugar
    1/4 teaspoon table salt
    Flavoring to taste - orange juice, lemon juice, etc.
    Combine all ingredients, mixing well. Keep refrigerated for up to 1 week. Shake before serving.

    20-Oz. Sports Bottle's Worth of Sports Drink
    3 tablespoons table sugar
    1/8 teaspoon table salt
    Flavoring to taste - orange juice, lemon juice, unsweetened Kool-Aid or Wyler's drink mix, etc.

    Combine 2-3 tablespoons of juice OR 1/3 packet of unsweetened Powdered Drink Mix into a 20 oz bottle of water, add water, filling the bottle halfway, Seal and shake to combine. Remove top and fill with water, again, cap, seal and shake to combine. Refrigerate

    Make Your Own Powdered Sports Drink Packets
    9 tablespoons table sugar
    3/8 teaspoon table salt
    1 packet unsweetened Kool-Aid or other drink mix.
    Mix dry.

    Combine all ingredients, divide mixture evenly amongst 3 zip-close baggies.

    To Prepare, Pour the contents of 1 bag into to a 20-oz. sports bottle. Fill with water, shake and enjoy.

    The Budget101 Breakdown:
    Dirt Cheap compared to the store bought version! Packets of store brand drink mix are about 10¢ each so each bottle costs less than .20¢ to prepare vs $1.29 per bottle at the store!

    Do you have a favorite homemade Sports Drink Recipe? Feel free to share it below...

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    1. ellebelle123's Avatar
      ellebelle123 -
      Nice! Thank you very much.
    1. weiner0079's Avatar
      weiner0079 -
      I love this idea!! My daughter is a volleyball player & spend too much on these pre fab sports drinks. I now can make it & recycle 2L plastic pop bottles for her at practice & tournaments!! Now just to find the right flavor....
    1. Swaindia's Avatar
      Swaindia -
      If you buy bottled water flavoring packets, these bags of powder do the same thing for a lot cheaper also!
    1. bluefaith81's Avatar
      bluefaith81 -
      Thanks for sharing. This recipe will come in handy. Thanks
    1. Redneckvixen's Avatar
      Redneckvixen -
      My kiddos are gonna love this!
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