Make your own instant bleach gel to get rid of tough laundry stains- this simple 3 ingredient recipe works wonders on tough stains for a fraction of the cost of it's store bought counterpart

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  • MYO Bleach Gel Stain Remover

    Those handy little bleach pen-type dispensers are a great addition to the laundry room, easy to grab, easy to apply, but extremely pricey! Here is a simple, do it yourself recipe for a quick dispense bleach gel that you can make for a mere fraction of the cost.
    Make your own Handy Bleach Gel Pen to remove stubborn stains or to create unique homemade shirts and crafts!
    You'll Need:
    ¾ cup cold water
    3 Tbsp corn starch
    4-7 Tbsp household bleach

    In a medium saucepan combine COLD water and corn starch together over medium heat, stirring constantly. Be sure to use COLD water as cornstarch only has the ability to thicken ONCE and if you use hot water, it won't gel properly.
    Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring
    continuously until it becomes translucent and pudding-like. Remove from heat and cool completely.

    Once the mixture is cool add the bleach by the Tbsp, until you have the consistency and strength you desire. We usually stop at 5 tablespoons. This mixture can be store in an old rinsed out elmers glue bottle (perfect application size!) or in trial size shampoo bottle, etc.

    Gel will thin a little bit after sitting.

    Use as you would regular bleach gel.

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      how long of a shelf life does this have?
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