Learn how to Squirrel proof your bird feeders inexpensively with a few simple items. This no fail method works great on all types of squirrels, reds/grays/fox squirrels, etc

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  • Tips-n-Tricks: Squirrel Proof the Birdfeeders

    Squirrels are cute, but can quickly empty bird feeders throughout the winter months. Here's a simple remedy to prevent squirrels from getting on your feeders and eating all the seeds.
    This non-toxic method of preventing squirrels from accessing bird feeders can save you hundreds of dollars each year on wasted food.

    First, you'll need a section of PVC pipe the height of your bird feeder pole. The size pvc pipe is entirely dependent on the size of the post/pole that the bird feeder rests on.

    Slide the pole down into the PVC pipe and secure the pole itself into the ground. The pvc pipe
    doesn't need to be secured to the ground or in the ground.

    Apply a coating of wax to the pvc pipe using a cotton cloth. Be sure to "grease" the pole well.

    Here's what happens when the squirrels attempt to jump on the waxed pole:

    Other Tips:

    Be sure that you DON'T paint the pvc pipe first as this changes the texture and the squirrels WILL still be able to climb it, even after it's waxed.

    Video & Photo Courtesy of Mary Chapman

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    1. mommapleaz's Avatar
      mommapleaz -
      Love this idea, until I found this, I have been filling the bird feeder at least 2 times a day for the birds. I have even tried putting out squirrel feeders and they still eat the bird food. Thanks again.
    1. sandesnow's Avatar
      sandesnow -
      Good idea.

      We had a similar problem, but with racoons too getting into our bird feeders. The racoons are more of a problem as they dump it out onto the ground from the feeder then eat it from the ground. What we did was bought aluminum flashing to wrap our poles in. (4x4 posts) And it works great for both racoons and squirrels.
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