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    • Grease Stain Removal Tip

      How to remove grease stains using chalk Nothing is more frustrating that dripping butter or sauce on a favorite shirt, only to leave a permanent nasty little grease spot. Here is a simple, yet effective way to remove a greasy stain . . .

      Simply Rub plain white chalk into the stain, the launder as usual. The chalk will absorb the grease and it will wash away. Be sure to double check before drying as heavy stains may require 2 applications!
      Comments 8 Comments
      1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
        FreebieQueen -
        Just a note, this one really works great, I slopped some italian dressing onto a brand new shirt the other day (actually, to be fair, it splashed off the plate when I started pouring!)- blotted the excess dressing off the shirt and then chalked the heck out of it.

        I washed it a day or so later and was thrilled to see that the stain came right out!
      1. Betsy412's Avatar
        Betsy412 -
        Thanks for the tip
      1. monhollenmom's Avatar
        monhollenmom -
      1. amajae's Avatar
        amajae -
        Great tip!!! I have also used baby powder as well on grease stains. Sprinkle baby powder on the stain and let it sit overnight. Launder as usual.
      1. kiloca's Avatar
        kiloca -
        Great tip. I have so many shirts that have been ruined because of oil or grease.
      1. indigomoss's Avatar
        indigomoss -
        one more thing; never use a colored chalk, I didn't have a white ,but did have a pale yellow, made it worse.
      1. stampinmamaw's Avatar
        stampinmamaw -
        will this work on old stains????. I have some dark colored shirts that I wear to work and didn't notice the stains!
      1. jenifini's Avatar
        jenifini -
        I'm curious as well, if this works on old stains? I have so many t-shirts I've ruined by cooking oil popping onto me.

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