Bring secret Santa to a whole new level with this easy, inexpensive Santa Suit Pail Idea from

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  • Santa Suit Pail Gift Idea

    Create a Santa Pail from an empty paint can- Great Gift Idea from Duct tape has never been prettier! Create a unique container for gift giving this holiday season- a perfect choice for a "Secret Santa" gig!

    You'll Need:Create a Santa Pail from an empty paint can- Great Gift Idea from
    1 Paint Can (you can get these in the Paint Department at Lowes for a couple dollars)
    Red Spray Paint OR Red Duct Tape
    Black Glitter felt or construction paper
    White Craft Boa ($1)
    Funky Colored Duck Tape (your choice)

    Paint your can red, or wrap red duct tape around the pail (1 strip at a time, completely going around the entire pail.) Repeat until pail is covered.

    Wrap a strip of Zebra style duct tape (I found this at walmart over the summer for $2) around the pail as Santa's beltline.

    Cut a small square of glittered felt to make the "Belt Buckle", adhere using hot glue.

    Wrap the feather boa around the top of the can, adhere using hot glue.

    Create a Santa Pail from an empty paint can- Great Gift Idea from This entire project takes less than 15 minutes and makes an adorable gift basket! Fill with homemade goodies such as candied nuts and cookie mixes.
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