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    • Personalized Wine & Champagne Glasses

      Make your own personalized wine and champagne glasses for the holidays or as a beautiful handmade gift idea Create your own Elegant Personalized Wine and Champagne glasses in under 15 minutes. These beautiful glasses make a perfect gift basket addition, or a lovely way to ring in the new Year!

      You'll Need:

      Wine or Champagne Glasses (I got mine at the dollar store for. . . . you guessed it, a Dollar!)
      Martha Stewart Glitter Paint (whatever color you like)**
      Small Pouncer***
      Stencils (optional)

      Carefully tape the rim of the glass, leaving as much headspace as you'd prefer, depending on your design. Make your own personalized wine and champagne glasses for the holidays or as a beautiful handmade gift idea

      Using a pouncer, dab paint heavily over the area you want covered. You may need to add more than one coat of paint, (I used 3 coats of the pink due to it's lightness).

      Make your own personalized wine and champagne glasses for the holidays or as a beautiful handmade gift idea

      A hair dryer works wonderfully to dry the paint faster if you're as impatient as I am. Once it's dry, peel off your lettering and tape & then cure your glasses.

      Other Ideas:

      Make your own personalized wine and champagne glasses for the holidays or as a beautiful handmade gift idea

      Curing the Glasses before use:

      There are two methods for curing the Glasses

      Bake method
      : After drying for 1 hour, place in cool oven. Set temp to 350 degrees F and bake for 30 min. (Glass must heat gradually) After 30 min turn the oven off. Let glass cool completely in oven. Donít use for 72 hours.

      Air dry method: it will cure after 21 days and it will be dishwasher top-shelf safe!

      My Notes:
      ** The MS glitter paint is available at most hobby/craft stores, such as Michaels and costs about $2.50 per bottle. I prefer this particular brand because I KNOW that it "cures" properly and will create a dishwasher safe product. If using other untested brands of paint, I recommend hand washing only.

      *** A Pouncer, for those of you that don't spend every moment of your life crafting, dreaming of crafting or pre-planning your next craft project, is a small piece of foam that is flat and is used for stenciling.
      Comments 8 Comments
      1. happy0349's Avatar
        happy0349 -
        Personalized Wine & Champagne Glasses-
        What an awesome idea....A cool craft..
        Thanks for sharing!
      1. aprildunn's Avatar
        aprildunn -
        this is awesome! will be perfect for the wine bottle windchimes i am making!
      1. KatLeo's Avatar
        KatLeo -
        I love this idea will def have to try it out
      1. lvhouston's Avatar
        lvhouston -
        I saw something like this just the other day that a friend of mine was making for Breast Cancer Awareness and I thought it was such a neat idea and wondered how to do it. Now I know, this is great!!! Thank you!!!!
      1. Laura2's Avatar
        Laura2 -
        Cant wait to do this. Simple, yet looks awesome
      1. BetteO's Avatar
        BetteO -
        Great idea. Will make great "special occasion" gifts.
      1. BetteO's Avatar
        BetteO -
        Perfect gift for special occasions. Thank you for sharing.
      1. chyrche's Avatar
        chyrche -
        Cool idea, I think I may try this

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