Make Your own Watermelon Frosting for kids ovens

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  • Easy Bake Watermelon Frosting Recipe

    Here's a fun recipe for your kids play ovens.

    This recipe makes 8 packages of watermelon frosting

    2 cups Confectioners sugar (sifted)
    3 tbsp instant nonfat milk powder
    1 tsp watermelon Kool-Aid drink mix
    6 tbsp vegetable shortening

    In a medium size bowl, combine sugar, Kool-Aid and milk powder, stirring well. Cut shortening into mix. Divide into 8 ziploc sandwich bags (about 1/3 cup in each). Store in cupboard up to three months.

    To use frosting:
    Combine one package with 3/4 tsp water in a small bowl, mixing well. Frost on easy bake oven cake.

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