21 Uses for reusing leftover coffee grounds- from removing cellulite to sharpening blades, you'll be amazed at the extraordinary uses for used coffee grounds

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  • 21 Clever Uses for Coffee Grounds

    Once that hot steaming mug of fresh coffee is poured, Most people don't give their coffee grounds a second thought. Check out these clever uses for coffee grounds

    1. Odor Elimination: Place the old grounds in a small can under the sink. Next time you chop an onion or fresh garlic, scoop out a small amount of grounds, rub them thoroughly over your hands and rinse. Voila! No more Odor!
    2. Fertilizer: Coffee grounds are highly acidic, so spread them generously over the flower beds of acid loving plants for amazing blooms. Acid Loving plants include azaleas, rhododendrons, blueberries, Hydrangeas,lily
      of the valley, roses and creeping phlox.
    3. Make your own Gardeners Soap- melt a bar of glycerin soap and add 1/3 c. coffee grounds, reshape bar in a mold and use.
    4. Garbage Disposal Blade Sharpener: add 1 T. Grounds to running garbage disposal (with water running!) to sharpen the blades
    5. Ant Repellent- sprinkle old grounds around the perimeter of your home (outside) to deter ants.
    6. Dye- steep the grounds in boiling water to make your own dye for paper, fabric or easter eggs
    7. Garden- Cat Repellent- mix used grounds with chopped orange peels and sprinkle liberally around your garden and flowerbeds to keep your kitty from using your garden as her restroom.
    8. Double Your Harvest of Carrot & Radish- When planting, mix your carrot and radish seeds liberally with coffee grounds, plant as directed.
    9. Flea Dip: After bathing your pet (dog or cat) rub 1- 2 c. of coffee grounds into his fur, be
      sure to work them to the skin, rinse well. Not only does this kill fleas, but will make his fur silky smooth.
    10. Make homemade "Henna" Tattoos with dye from Coffee Grounds
    11. Cellulite Reducer- if you look at those high price cellulite creams, you'll see coffee is a main ingredient of many. Simply mix 1/4 c. warm coffee grounds (used) and 1 T. Olive oil. Apply liberally to problem areas, wrap with plastic wrap. Let set for 10 minutes, unwrap and shower normally.
    12. Grow Mushrooms
    13. Feed the worms- if you like fishing and have a wormbed at home, add coffee grounds, they love it! To make the BEST worm beds mix aged horse manure and coffee grounds, add worms. You'll grow some nice big fat ones for fishing!
    14. Highlight Hair Naturally- if you have auburn hair, you can rub coffee grounds through wet hair, leave for 3 minutes, rinse thoroughly. It will leave your hair soft, silky and with natural highlights.
    15. Pin Cushion Filler- Make your own pin cushions and use dried out used coffee grounds as a filler.
      It will keep the pins rust free!
    16. Deodorizer- place a small uncovered container of used grounds in the freezer to absorb odors naturally- also, this works great to get rid of a Mothball smell from closets or campers!
    17. Faux Parchment Paper- Crinkle up a piece of paper into a ball, unfold, place in a 9x13 pan of water with 1/2 c. used coffee grounds for 30 seconds, remove from liquid, gently blot excess coffee off, and allow to dry. This makes gorgeous labels for jars or apothecary bottles
    18. Repair Scratched Furniture- mix 1 T. coffee grounds with 1 Tsp olive oil. Apply with a cotton ball, wipe dry.
    19. Clean Fireplace- before removing ashes from your fireplace, sprinkle wet coffee grounds liberally over the ashes. Then scoop out the ashes & grounds together. This helps prevent the "dust" plume
    20. Abrasive Cleaner- when you need a quick abrasive cleaner mix equal parts of old coffee grounds and baking soda, scrub. (Be careful of using this on surfaces that are susceptible to stains!)
    21. Treasure Stones-
      make your own fun treasure stones

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    1. sheilajane's Avatar
      sheilajane -
      you can also add 1/2 as much of fresh coffee to make another pot of coffee!
    1. bettywho's Avatar
      bettywho -
      they also are fab for your garden- adds niutirents to the soil not just for carrots and radishes! plants love them!
    1. jessiey's Avatar
      jessiey -
    1. KrousQueen's Avatar
      KrousQueen -
      Really good ideas. Thanks everyone.
    1. Light's Avatar
      Light -
      This is safe as a flea dip for cats? Hmmm Must remember this one.
    1. denisern's Avatar
      denisern -
      I love the idea to use on dogs for fleas! Thanks!
    1. elfant8262's Avatar
      elfant8262 -
      How do I create a folder for all the great things I have seen and want to come back to?
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by elfant8262 View Post
      How do I create a folder for all the great things I have seen and want to come back to?

      Once you save an item for later, it becomes a "subscription" or a "favorite". These items are save in your favorites/subscriptions folder in your UserCp, (aka User Control Panel).

      There is a link to your userCP in 2 places on every single page- in the very top right hand corner which says "Settings/UserCP" and also in the very bottom left hand side in the footer.


      You can learn more about subscriptions and saving favorites here:

      Budget101.com - - How to Save Favorites
    1. Mimib13's Avatar
      Mimib13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sheilajane View Post
      you can also add 1/2 as much of fresh coffee to make another pot of coffee!
      I thought I was the only person doing this. I am glad I am not alone.
    1. cheries's Avatar
      cheries -
      I used coffee grounds in my very long hair. I found it a bit hard to rinse thoroughly, so I added a dime size spot of conditioner and combed it through. I do think my hair is shinier! I am going to continue and see if I can extend my hair coloring.
    1. KimCM's Avatar
      KimCM -
      I love ideas like this. Its like upcycling and reduces our carbon footprint.
    1. kaceec0808's Avatar
      kaceec0808 -
      Would this be a good way to remove pet order (like cat pee/poop)?
    1. Steve1776's Avatar
      Steve1776 -
      Save on a/c repairs. Sprinkle around the outside unit to keep fire ants out.
    1. jullia's Avatar
      jullia -
      we go through coffee, at least a pot a day. I started saving the grounds, but didn't know you could use them for all of these reasons. awesome
    1. momstutor's Avatar
      momstutor -
      Quote Originally Posted by kaceec0808 View Post
      Would this be a good way to remove pet order (like cat pee/poop)?
      This will stain an item that isn't stain resistant (rugs, some floors, etc) I wouldn't chance it personally
    1. CharlieBrown68's Avatar
      CharlieBrown68 -
      YAYYYYYY!!!! We also go through a pot a day!! I am going to start reusing every bit!! Thank you!!!
    1. bgregory75's Avatar
      bgregory75 -
      Awesome uses, I'm going to try several of these. Thank you
    1. ChinaRose's Avatar
      ChinaRose -
      I use the grounds to fertilize my plants, chase ants out of their ant hills (too acrid for them) & put them on spots where my pups relieve themselves in the yard (helps grass regrow).
    1. cshutts's Avatar
      cshutts -
      Going to try this for flea control of our dogs. Sounds like a great idea!!!
    1. AndreaGwyn's Avatar
      AndreaGwyn -
      Mix 1 part coffee grounds 1 part sugar, rub on your skin to exfoliate, dead skin in the shower.
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