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      Welcome to Budget101.com's Ramen Recipes - one of the most extensive collections of tried and true tested Ramen Recipes on the web. Currently our site offers 120+ Ramen Recipes for your enjoyment.


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    • Ramen Pizza

      Another fast and easy college recipe that requires only a microwave to prepare, this simple Ramen Pizza Dish brings a little italian flavor to an otherwise boring noodle.


      1 pkg Ramen Noodles (no need for flavor packet)
      1/2 C Sliced Pepperoni
      1/2 C Spaghetti sauce
      3/4 C Mozzarella cheese.

      1.Boil 2 c water and place Ramen noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes then drain water.
      2. Melt mozzarella cheese in bowl for 1 minute
      3. Cook pepperoni in small sauce pan for 1 minute
      4. Heat up spaghetti sauce in microwave until warm.
      5. Place Ramen noodles on plate, cover with sauce, spread melted cheese on top, evenly, and uniformly place peperoni on top of cheese.

      Recipe submitted by:
      Razvan & Jeff

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