• MYO: Bra

    Make your own fast, comfy bra using mens briefs Caught without a bit of support? Need a bra in a pinch? Convert an under the butt nut hut, into an over the shoulder boulder holder!
    I know this seems rather amusing, but in all honesty, this really does make a fast, comfy bra. In addition, it makes a pretty funny gag gift as well. A few things you should know-

    To figure out what size underwear you need for your correct bra size, you simply match the waist size of a pair of mens briefs with your bra size. If you wear a size 34 bra, you would use Men's Medium 32-34. A size 36 bra would be a Mens Large It's that simple- really!

    This works wonderfully if you need to customize a bra to fit under an article of clothing, a summer dress, a halter top, etc. These can be made in multiple colors as cotton blend undies dye very easily. Not too mention- they're VERY comfy!

    Here are some cutting guidelines for various styles of bras including scoop neck, v-neck, and a backless bra.

    make a bra from underwear
    The front of the underwear is actually the BACK of the Bra Guidelines for Cutting Front of Bra (on the backside of the underwear)

    Poem #1

    I bought these tighty whities for my hubby,
    who wore them with pride,
    but was never able to locate the laundry room
    so they could be washed & dried.

    So, I used my imagination,
    and a pair of sharp shears too.
    I figured if they could hold up his "family jewels"
    they could support my "girls" too!
    (C) By Liss Burnell


    I wanted to get you a lovely gift,
    I thought this up with unusual swift-
    It occurred to me that I could keep your girls from being juggled,
    By simply trimming the front where his plums are smuggled!
    (C)by Liss Burnell

    I stole my husbands under the butt Nut hut
    to make you this over the shoulder boulder holder!

    Here's another Poem to go along with this:

    I pick up his dirty clothes
    'Cause he can't seem to do it.
    This time, you see, I had some fun
    Before he even knew it!

    If he can't take care of his things
    Then I'll just make them mine,
    So I took a pair of scissors
    And a little bit of time,

    and I made a handy dandy bra!
    It's soft and comfy, too!
    And when he dropped another pair
    I made this one for you!
    (C) By Kelli

    Alternatively, you can also Cut V-necks:

    Scoop Neck Bras:

    Backless Bras:

    And Yes, to answer your most Frequently asked Questions- that REALLY was a pair of underwear, SEE!:

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    1. gg1204's Avatar
      gg1204 -
      That is such a cool idea. Whoever thought of that is so clever. You go girl!!!!!
    1. lzmalaubang's Avatar
      lzmalaubang -
      This is a good idea for gag gift, i like it.
    1. pjcamp1106's Avatar
      pjcamp1106 -
      how supportive are they? would have never of thought of this.....think i might stay with my walmart 10 dallor bras
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      They're actually surprisingly supportive, but I think it would depend on what kind of underwear you're making them from. The V-Neck one at the bottom was the most supportive, but then again, it was also the right "size".
    1. yummie's Avatar
      yummie -
      this is the cutest idea. I have been wanting a bra to wear around the house so think that I will give this a try.
    1. Grammy Gala's Avatar
      Grammy Gala -
      Cute Idea. Never would've thought of this!
    1. sharona's Avatar
      sharona -
      How clever!!! making bras out of men's whity tidy's.Who would of thought!
    1. Mrsbear's Avatar
      Mrsbear -
      Love this! I have a pair of queens so I am skeptical that that will stand on guard for me butt I will give it the old heave ho and report on the result. Thought I had heard everything.
    1. DIYtosave's Avatar
      DIYtosave -
      Full breif or mid rise? Need a 38...
    1. burrkitty's Avatar
      burrkitty -
      This looks so fun although I have to say that I would be buying new to try it with. My beloved doesn't wear this style!
    1. Ketsyc's Avatar
      Ketsyc -
      lol...I so love this site. I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THIS. Unless you have sensitivities to latex, and similar materials you would never believe how hard it is to find a bra in 100% cotton! This makes the cut!
    1. DebsDollars's Avatar
      DebsDollars -
      Love this! I've got to make these for my daughters! I'm sure they will be a hit.
    1. lesliegriffin93's Avatar
      lesliegriffin93 -
      My Girls won't fit in a bra like that, but I love this idea!! Besides my hubby doesn't wear tighty whiteys!!!
    1. MrsHaggerty's Avatar
      MrsHaggerty -
      Anyone who has tried this: Do they stretch out after a couple uses? I notice after some use my husbands undergarment gets looser and 'baggier' does this happen when they are turned into bras as well, or does it stay ..well..up-lifting?
    1. McSurf's Avatar
      McSurf -
      Need something like this to wear under night gown when my grandsons come to visit! Modest, but comfy!
    1. freddatoot's Avatar
      freddatoot -
      love this idea,any pullover is better than those peskie hooks,that always seem to get bent over time,in the washer and dryer
    1. mdurkin's Avatar
      mdurkin -
      I love this idea and it's very creative. Talk about re-purposing! I can't wait to try it, thanks!
    1. pm13312's Avatar
      pm13312 -
      Would make great sleep bra.
    1. KattsBug68's Avatar
      KattsBug68 -
      I LOVE this. But I don't think my "ladies" would be supported enough. I am a DD.
    1. ang521's Avatar
      ang521 -
      Hilariously clever. I have never been much of a tighty - whitey fan before, but I guess this under-attire accompanied by a comfy set of Joe boxers is a perfect weekend lounger. Who knew? Gotta try it. Thanks-
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