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    • Burned Flour Diaper Rash Remedy

      Diaper rash can come on rather quickly, particularly when a baby is teething or experiencing allergies to various foods, a switch from diaper brands, etc. Here is a simple, do it yourself remedy to quickly soothe away diaper rash.

      Simple throw some flour in a skillet over medium heat and continue stirring it until browned. Remove from heat, Cool completely.

      Apply flour following every diaper change; the rash should clear up completely within three days.

      This remedy also works on heat rash, which is common during the hot summer months.
      Comments 3 Comments
      1. mookie's Avatar
        mookie -
        I used this when my children were little...works great. My grandmother told me about this one!
      1. ElaineRx's Avatar
        ElaineRx -
        Quote Originally Posted by mookie View Post
        I used this when my children were little...works great. My grandmother told me about this one!
        My children are 46 and 44 and my Grandma told me about browned flour and cornstarch too. Makes sense, in the real old days they either didn't have baby powder or not enough money for things.
      1. KatNChris's Avatar
        KatNChris -
        My husband works in the oilfield and comes home with bad heat rash. Sometimes almost from head to toe. And I do what I can but nothing seems to work. I'm definitely going try this when he get home this time.

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