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    • Marshmallow Cocoa Stirrers

      Delight your kids, friends and neighbors with these deliciously fun Marshmallow Hot Chocolate stirrers! Package a few with some homemade cocoa and you've got an instant gift for under $5!

      You'll Need:

      These are so simple, the kids will enjoy creating them.

      Step #1: Break off the hook end of the candy cane.

      Step #2: Insert it into a marshmallow.

      Step #3: Using the edible pens (I prefer Americolor Gourmet Writers) add designs.

      Some ideas are: Snowflakes, steaming mugs of cocoa, candy canes, snowman faces etc

      To add designs using colored sprinkles You'll need water, sprinkles and fine paintbrush.

      "Paint" the design of your choice onto the marshmallow with water and roll in colored sprinkles.

      Some Tips:
      You'll need to work fast as the water will evaporate leaving gaps in your design.

      How to Draw A snowflake:
      First, Draw an "X"
      Draw a line through the middle of the "X"
      Add various size "V"s or dots, as desired.
      Comments 8 Comments
      1. drea's Avatar
        drea -
        OMG, These are SO CUTE! What an amazingly simple idea! I made cocoa and coffee mixes for christmas this year. I cant wait to make some of these to go with them
      1. magpaine's Avatar
        magpaine -
        How adorabe, will definately try this idea!!!
      1. magpaine's Avatar
        magpaine -
        Adorable! I will try these, along with the home made cocoa. It would be fun to use cherry sticks also for a cherry cocoa treat. Neat!
      1. sexton101's Avatar
        sexton101 -
        Making these today! I'm using Hershey's chocolate mint candy canes, I almost got carmel and vanilla and chocolate and vanilla marshmallows, but I thought the candy canes were enough flavoring! With Strawberry Marshmallows, and Pumpkin shaped ones, these aren't just limited to Christmas! Thanks for sharing!
      1. Duckiesmom's Avatar
        Duckiesmom -
        I am going to make these for valentines day. Thanks for the idea!
      1. cathyann99's Avatar
        cathyann99 -
        I am definitely doing this for Christmas! Love this idea
      1. reneemc's Avatar
        reneemc -
        What a great and fun idea!!! Cant wait for hot cocoa weather to try this!
      1. kimpossible59's Avatar
        kimpossible59 -
        I have all the stuff to do this today, I think i'll do it, since we have 21 below with the wind chill, brrrrrr

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