Make your own Easy Bake Oven Award Winning Mom Cake or choose from a great selection of money saving homemade easy bake oven recipes for kids toy ovens.

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  • Award Winning Mom Cake

    2 packages Easy-Bake cake mix; any flavor
    2 packages Easy-Bake frosting mix; vanilla
    food coloring; blue
    gel frosting; white
    jelly beans or other candies

    Prepare and bake two Easy-Bake cakes according to the package instructions.

    Once the cakes have cooled, cut one into ribbon shape.

    Mix two packages of Easy-Bake vanilla frosting mix and add blue food coloring to make frosting blue.

    Frost both the cakes.

    With white gel frosting, create a Motherís Day message for your Mom and outline the ribbons of the cake.

    Decorate the cake with jellybeans and other candies.

    This year, Mom takes the cake and wins first prize!

    submitted by Laurie

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