• Costume Ideas by Occupation

    Create your Own Occupational Halloween Costume- Choose from Air Force/Army costumes to dentists, lawyers all the way to Trailer Trash (well, it COULD be an occupation!)

    1. Air Force/Army
    2. Artist
    3. Astronaut
    4. Attack Dog Trainer
    5. Ballerina
    6. Cheerleader
    7. Cheerleader 2
    8. Construction Worker
    9. Cowboy #2
    10. Dead Bride
    11. Dentist
    12. Doctor
    13. Dog Walker
    14. Doctor- Scary
    15. Farmer
    16. Firefighter
    17. Firefighter #2
    18. Fisherman
    19. Grim Reaper
    20. Gypsy
    21. Judge
    22. Mad Scientist
    23. Miss Universe
    24. Ninja
    25. Nurse
    26. Nurse #2
    27. Police Officer
    28. Race Car Driver
    29. Soldier
    30. Trailer Trash
    31. Vampire Girl (Twilight
    32. 80's Hair Band Musician

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