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      MYO: Girl Scout Thin MintsMYO: Girl Scout Thin Mints

      We love the sweet delectable taste of these much anticipated yearly treats, but now you don't have to wait all year to enjoy the taste of Girl Scout Thin Mints. Here is our very simple, dirt cheap, copycat recipe!

      MYO Mozzarella in 30 minutes or lessMYO Mozzarella in 30 minutes or less

      How to make your own foolproof Mozzarella in under 30 minutes with this easy DIY recipe

      MYO Lemon CurdMYO Lemon Curd

      Lemon curd is a wonderfully thick, yet soft and creamy, easily spreadable sweet-tart cream that is perfect on quick breads, muffins, cakes and more.

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      Eucalyptus-Mint All-Purpose Disinfecting Soft Soap for Kitchen and BathEucalyptus-Mint All-Purpose Disinfecting Soft Soap for Kitchen and Bath

      Eucalyptus-Mint All-Purpose Disinfecting Soft Soap for Kitchen and Bath! This simple homemade soft soft blend is excellent to clean dishes, laundered items that need to be hand-washed, appliances, sinks, stoves, bathrooms and more

      Key Lime Dish Detergent PowderKey Lime Dish Detergent Powder

      Make your own super strength Key Lime Dish Detergent Powder or extra strength liquid soap

      Make your own Cinnamon Toothpaste RecipeMake your own Cinnamon Toothpaste Recipe

      Make your own Flouride free healthy toothpaste, avoid the nasty chemical concoctions in commercial toothpaste and have sparkly whites

      Bread Flops- Troubleshooting Broken BreadBread Flops- Troubleshooting Broken Bread

      Troubleshoot Homemade bread- learn why & how to prevent common issues such as sunken loaf, streaking, mushrooming tops, denseness, heaviness and more