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    • Frozen Pudding Pop Fudgesicles

      My kids love the delicious richness of pudding pop fudgesicles but personally, I hate the price! Here is my favorite homemade fudgesicle recipe, so easy, even the kids can make them . . .

      • 1 small box instant chocolate pudding
      • 2 cups milk
      • 1 small can evaporated milk
      • 1/4 cup sugar

      Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix on med/high for 2-4 minutes, or until well blended. Pour into molds and freeze. If using Dixie Cups, When partially frozen, insert Popsicle stick into center of each.

      Makes 10-12 depending on the size of your pudding pop mold.

      If you'd like to create different flavors, simply use a different flavor of Pudding mix.

      Flavors we've tried and enjoyed:

      • Banana Cream - Use Banana Pudding Mix, add 1/2 chopped banana if desired
      • Chocolate Banana Cream- to create double flavors, make 2 different flavors and gently layer them by pouring very very slowly into the molds!
      • Chocolate covered Cherry - simply add 1/4 c. chopped fresh cherries to the above recipe
      • Pistachio - use pistachio pudding mix
      • Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl - carefully layer vanilla and chocolate pudding, then using a butterknife or popsicle stick insert it into the center and make a brief "swirl" motion
      • Cheesecake -Use Cheesecake Pudding Mix, add 1/4 cup Chopped (fresh) Strawberries (or sweet cherries) to the mix
      • Cookies and Cream - use vanilla pudding, add 1/4 c. crushed oreo cookies or alternatively, you can use Oreo Pudding mix from Jell-O

      What flavor combination does your family prefer?
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Frozen Fudgesicles started by FreebieQueen View original post
      Comments 17 Comments
      1. Wrinkley's Avatar
        Wrinkley -
        Yummmmm I can't wait to try these!
      1. MabelMartha's Avatar
        MabelMartha -
        Your popsickle molds look sturdy and easy to use. What brand do you use?
      1. Liss's Avatar
        Liss -
        Quote Originally Posted MabelMartha View Post
        Your popsickle molds look sturdy and easy to use. What brand do you use?
        Those are actually $1.50 walmart clearance rack pop molds.
      1. lala72's Avatar
        lala72 -
        My boys would love these. Hopefully I can find some popsicle molds at Walmart.
      1. lala72's Avatar
        lala72 -
        I made these in an ice cube tray with tooth picks and the leftover mix went in dixie cups. They taste exactly like fudgicles from the store. Awesome!
      1. angelsvn24's Avatar
        angelsvn24 -
        these are really good!!!! We made them all summer long. I found my holders at rite aid in the dollar section and got them @ 50%. I am using them now that the weather is getting cooler to freeze my basil.
      1. nana123's Avatar
        nana123 -
        Oooooohhhhhhh how my grand drunken midgets are going to love these!!!!!!!!
      1. 4trangel's Avatar
        4trangel -
        We just made these but would like to know how long to freeze? They have been in freezer for 7 hours and can't get them out the sticks just slide right out of molds. Thanks.
      1. CrazyMumof3's Avatar
        CrazyMumof3 -
        Quote Originally Posted 4trangel View Post
        We just made these but would like to know how long to freeze? They have been in freezer for 7 hours and can't get them out the sticks just slide right out of molds. Thanks.
        Freeze them overnight, then run warm water over them to release them from the molds.
      1. Rrgeske72's Avatar
        Rrgeske72 -
        I can't wait to try these! Thanks so much!
      1. marion77's Avatar
        marion77 -
        These look so good,thanks for sharing the idea.
      1. TLLuckart's Avatar
        TLLuckart -
        I Have to try these. Ummm
      1. Elizabeth3's Avatar
        Elizabeth3 -
        Quote Originally Posted Wrinkley View Post
        Yummmmm I can't wait to try these!
        I am for sure going to try for the kids... I wonder if sugar free pudding would work also...
      1. CharlieBrown68's Avatar
        CharlieBrown68 -
        Ohhhhhhh I have GOT to try these!!!
      1. RosemaryB's Avatar
        RosemaryB -
        Wow im gonna make today
      1. Kaschak's Avatar
        Kaschak -
        On the evaporated milk, are you talking about the 12 oz can? On the Pudding are you talking about a 3 oz box?
      1. hareswer's Avatar
        hareswer -
        Has anyone tried a sugar-free version of these?

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