How and where to File your taxes online for Free! Choose from several legit sites that allow you to file your taxes online at no cost

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  • Tax Time! File Taxes for Free

    It's tax time again and you're probably wondering how you can afford an accountant, or how you're going to get your taxes done.
    Every year the tax laws change drastically and trying to keep up with them or making sure that you're following all of the "rules" can be extremely stressful. Did you know that not everyone is required to file a tax return?

    If your total income doesn't exceed the standard deduction (plus one exemption) and you don't happen to be claimed as a dependent on another taxpayers return, than you don't have to file.

    If you're concerned about how much your income tax refund may be this year, you can go online here to H&R Blocks Income Tax Refund Estimator, plug in a bit of information and it will tell you approximately how much you can expect to receive back.

    Also, just because taxes will be due shortly doesn't mean you have to shell out cash for an accountant or a tax program. Gather your W2's, W4's, 1099's and any other tax forms that you've received from Employers, Lottery Winnings, etc. Make a list of possible deductions such as dependents, medical expenses, gas (for traveling to work), childcare expenses, etc.

    Having these deductions jotted down will certainly help keep them from being forgotten about when you get ready to file, potentially saving hundreds of dollars. Once you've got your information ready, visit one the free tax preparation programs that are available on the web:

    Free Tax USA :

    Tax Act:

    TurboTax Freedom Edition:

    IRS FreeFile:,,id=118986,00.html

    These sites make it easy to help you itemize your deductions. If you're doing your taxes the old fashioned way, why not input the numbers using one of these free sites to double check for any calculation errors or possible missed deductions that could increase your refund!

    Where's My Refund Check?

    If you've already filed your taxes and you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of your refund, wait no more! Simply input some info and learn the status of your refund Instantly!

    Free Printable Tax Forms

    Not Filing your taxes online this year? All of the necessary Tax Forms can be found online in printable form.

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