• Christmas Elf Flyer

    Christmas Elf Flyer is a friendly way to spread some holiday cheer around your neighborhood or workplace. Just follow these simple directions!

    You've Been Elfed

    ELFING Directions:
    1. Enjoy your treats!
    2. Place your ELFED sign on your front door.
    3. Now you have 24 hours to make 2 copies of directions, two elf signs, and 2 sets of goodies to share with friends or neighbors.
    4. Secretly deliver to 2 friends who haven't been ELFED.
    5. Watch how far this spreads by Christmas!!

    Poem #1
    air is cold, the snow might fall...
    the Christmas season is here for all.
    Your neighbors are looking for things to do...
    in fact, a neighbor brought this to you.
    On your front door is where it should hang...
    to help ward off winter's icy pangs.
    The things that came with coupled note...
    are yours to keep, enjoy them both.
    The fun begins when friends like you...
    will copy this note and make it TWO.
    Along with this note, add a little elf...
    on a neighbor's door, it should be left.
    Be sure to add some nice little treats...
    like something cute or something sweet.
    By the way, don't remove the little fella,
    or twice your house might get elfed.
    Please join in the fun, let's really share it...
    by spreading some Merry Christmas spirit!!!
    Poem # 2

    The Christmas Elf Has come to town,
    to leave some goodies, I see you have found.
    hope you would like to spread more good cheer,
    By continuing this greeting until Christmas is here.
    Shhh.... Don't let yourself be known.

    Post your elf upon your door so those who continue to spread
    good cheer will pass you by for someone as dear.

    May the True Meaning of Christmas ever be near.
    You've Been Elfed:

    A cute little elf has gone around
    leaving some goodies I see you've found.
    If you do not wish the holidays to stall,
    continue the greeting, this elfly call.

    First, this little elf you should leave,
    on a desk or office door until Christmas Eve.
    Then no other elves will visit again,
    If you take part and participate with a grin.

    Make 2 treat sacks, 2 elves, 2 notes: that's the gist,
    give them to 2 co-workers who may have been missed.
    Don't let them see you, be sneaky, no doubt...
    check back to be sure that they put their elf out.

    Next, you have only one day to act, so be fast...
    leave treats at desks where no elf has passed.
    Deliver early ar morn, when there's barely a light..
    Before your co-workers arrive, then stay out of sight!

    And last, but not least, come join in the elfing...
    don't worry, be happy, soon you'll be laughing.
    Be joyful, have fun, and try not to be seen...
    and share in the spirit of Christmas Eve.
    Elf sign: Once you've been elfed, add this sign to your Door, so you aren't "Elfed" Again:

    Free Printable Flyer 4x6 Size (as pictured above)

    Full 8x11 - You've Been Elfed with 2 Elves, I've Been Elfed Door Notice and Directions

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