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    • Book Binding and Leather Glue Recipe

      How to make book binding glue to repair books or make your own scratch padsBinding your own books or scratch pads is a cinch with this simple, do it yourself book binding glue recipe. Binders glue is often expensive and difficult to find- you can make your own for less than $2. Use it to repair old books, or to bind leather to leather, or fabric to cardboard.

      1 package (1/4 oz.) unflavored gelatin
      3 TBS. boiling water
      1 TBS. vinegar
      1 tsp. glycerin

      In a pan, add gelatin to boiling water. Stir until gelatin is completely dissolved. Add the vinegar and glycerin while stirring until mixture is well blended.

      Makes 1/3 cup.

      While the glue is still warm, apply a thin layer with a brush. This glue is waterproof and is excellent for binding leather to leather & fabric to cardboard.

      Store in a tightly capped plastic or glass jar and it will keep for several months. If the glue gels in the bottle, you can reuse it by warming under hot water.
      Comments 16 Comments
      1. alicat's Avatar
        alicat -
        I hope to try this soon on some of my classroom textbooks. So many of them have been falling apart, and I'm sure this will be safer than rubber cement. Thanks.
      1. cincomommy's Avatar
        cincomommy -
        This sounds like a wonderful way to fix my husbands leather work boots. When he puts them on he breaks down the back of the boot so he bought some leather to sew on to the original to give more stability. This would 'glue' the leather to the leather and water proof is even better!! Thank you!!
      1. mommajoy's Avatar
        mommajoy -
        I am so glad I stumbled onto this DIY, now I can fix my favorite bible! YAY!!!
      1. Betty-Ellen's Avatar
        Betty-Ellen -
        I am so happy to have found this recipe. Now I can bind my own books and repair purses.
      1. ozarkgirl's Avatar
        ozarkgirl -
        I am so glad to have found this recipe. I have several books that need mending and would like to make my own scratch pads. Thanks!
      1. pupcup's Avatar
        pupcup -
        Hi, I like. I love it. I want some more of it!!!!!!!
      1. MaureenS's Avatar
        MaureenS -
        Can't wait to give this a try. I have a very old dictionary of my Mum and Dads that I might be able to repair!
      1. RoseBleue's Avatar
        RoseBleue -
        This is perfect for some projects I'm planning to make for my 10 grandchildren and for several friends. It involves gluing fabric to boxes to make them into "treasure boxes". Thee is a wonderful fabric store in Bay City, MI that offers a wonderful choice of fabrics, so these can really be individualize for each recipient!
      1. JustJill's Avatar
        JustJill -
        Will definitely be doing this on a favorite, old bible, now that I have an Affordable way to fix it! Thanks!
      1. dkhurley's Avatar
        dkhurley -
        I'm going to try this on my art journals. I also have an old Bible and an old Shakespeare book that my grandmother gave me. This will be great if it works. Thanks!
      1. silvergypsylady's Avatar
        silvergypsylady -
        Thanks for the glue recipe. I have a binder to decorate and will use this to put the fabric cover on the cardboard covers. Regular glue (aka- white glue) never seems to do a good job.
      1. Gramshel's Avatar
        Gramshel -
        I have a book entrusted to me by a family member...a genealogy, privately printed and irreplaceable. It is coming apart and was orginally just a glued spine with cardstock cover and spine. I am going to glam this up! BInding glue is my nextt project!
      1. Dee60NZ's Avatar
        Dee60NZ -
        Wow, I am so pleased to have found this recipe. Thank you so much for sharing.
      1. CJoyD's Avatar
        CJoyD -
        I wonder if this would work on leather jewelry
      1. MsDebbie's Avatar
        MsDebbie -
        Nice to know. I like to collect old books.
      1. kerrybear's Avatar
        kerrybear -
        Hope to repair some of my old "collectables"

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