Make your own Smelly Stink bait and Catch Monstrous catfish like this one

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  • Liss Surefire Catfish Bait

    This Above photo is my son with his 16 lb, 33 inch Catfish caught on this yummy Bait.
    How to make your own AWESOME Catfish Bait!! They Can't resist the Stink!

    Liss Surefire Catfish Bait!

    * 1 1/2 c. Livers (Chicken, Deer, Cow, whatever you have)
    * 1/4 c. Flour
    * 2-3 T. Garlic Salt
    * 1 Sardine & 2 T. Sardine Oil (from the can)
    * 2 tsp Strawberry Jello
    * 1 egg

    Quickly Blend the liver in a blender until liquid, empty it into an empty, clean PLASTIC peanut butter jar & then add the remaining ingredients. Stir well until thick. Cover.

    . Let it sit for at least 48 hours.

    DO Not Refrigerate, the more it rots, the better it works; it is after all, STINK Bait.

    Liss Notes:

    ** This bait can be used either as a dip bait Or a Rolled bait. If you want to roll balls, I suggest increasing the flour until its the correct consistency.

    As a dip bait, this works great on chunks of liver, mini marshmallows, or catfish lures.

    If the dip is too thin, cool the bait down. If it's too thick, add sardine oil 1 T. at a time, stirring well.

    Other things that work: Tomato Horn Worms - these are pests from the garden!

    When Deep water fishing, the horn worms work excellent. When bank fishing- the Stink bait is key.

    How to make your own CATFISH BAIT to catch Monster Cats

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      ajammes -
      We use unsweetened cherry kool-aid and hot dogs in a quart jar. Leave out in heat for 24 hours. Works great.
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