Easy Money saving recipes to replace common and not so common cleaners, detergents and pesticides

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    400+ Recipes for Various Household Items- Cleaners, Detergents, Pest Removal Recipes, Laundry Care- stain removal, pet care, and more in Alphabetical Order

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    79 Recipes for various household items in Alphabetical Order from Air Fresheners to Baby Wipes to Concrete Cleaners and everything in between

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    75 Recipes for various household items in Alphabetical Order from Daily Shower Cleaner Spray to Elmer's Glue to Fabric Softener to Grout Cleaner and everything in between

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    74 Recipes for various household items in Alphabetical Order from Hard Water Laundry Detergent to ink remover to key lime dish detergent to lace scorch prevention to myo Sunblock to Nylon Stocking strengthener and everything in between

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    43 Recipes for various household items in Alphabetical Order from Oily Garden Repellent to Paper Glue to Quick Patch Putty to Rustproofing and everything in between

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    91 Recipes for various household items in Alphabetical Order from Saddle Soap to Upholstery Cleaner to Varnish Remover to Wood Cabinet Cleanser to Zipper Fixer and everything in between
    How to prevent icy stairs<br/>

    Icy stairs are a major problem in the winter for many and although rock salt will generally do the the trick, it has a tendency to ruin concrete and get tracked through the house, creating a mess. Here's a simple solution to prevent icy stairs . . . ...
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    Make your own Waterproof Fire Starters! Perfect for lighting campfires, bbq's and more even when things are damp.
    How to fix black and gray marks from kitchenaid mixer utensils<br/>

    If you've ever accidentally placed your aluminum kitchenaid mixer attachments in the dishwasher, you know the frustration of oxidized utensils. Utensils that, when handled, leave nasty black and gray streaks all over your hands and even on food items (such as gray cream cheese!) Yuck! But, don't throw out those oxidized utensils just yet, we have a fix that's as easy as boiling water.
    Put the iron away! Here's a simple 3 ingredient wrinkle remover spray that'll save you time and money<br/>

    Wrinkles in clothing can be a pain, particularly if you're traveling and don't have access to an iron (or the time to iron!) Here's a very simple homemade wrinkle release spray that you can make yourself for just pennies. . .
    How to prevent tearing up when cutting onions<br/>

    Onions are inexpensive and good for you to eat, but cutting them (especially when you're cutting several!) can be a pain to your sensitive eyes. Here's a simple trick for tear-free onion chopping . . .
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    Color in the firepit can really add spark to the conversation when friends and family drop by! If you have a wood fireplace or a fire pit, here's how to add some sparkle! ...
    Create your own anti-stink Copycat Free-breeze- aka Anti Funk Spray<br/>

    Create your own anti-stink Copycat Free-breeze- aka Anti Funk Spray! This formula is a homemade counterpart to the expensive, perfume style spray that you can find in store for $4 or more per bottle. This easy spray will help get rid of the nasty odors that are left behind, such as wet pet smell on the furniture, stinky sneakers, and much more.
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    Do your chrome fixtures have hard water stains on them? Here's a simple fix!
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    Got Grunge? If you've ever had vase set a bit to long with wilted flowers you know what a nasty green ring it creates and how difficult it is to get it clean, particularly if the neck of the vase is narrow. Here is an effortless way to clean your favorite vase.
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    Making your own all purpose tree fertilizer is actually pretty simple and you get 10x's as much fertilizer for a fraction of the price by mixing your own.

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