• Straighten Hair Naturally

    Sometimes having naturally curly hair can be a pain, particularly when the cold is causing it to frizz! Here is a simple tried and true tip to Straighten your Hair Naturally, without damaging heat!

    Simply place 1/3 cup of regular milk in a spray bottle, spritz (dry, Clean) hair thoroughly, comb through, allow to set 20 minutes.

    Then jump in the shower, (do not wash your hair) Condition lightly (rinse the conditioner out), towel dry, comb out and voila! Straight Hair!

    You will find that your hair is very straight and silky.

    Here it is step by step:
    1. Spritz Dry, Clean Hair with Milk, Comb it through, hair should be saturated.
    2. Wait 20 Minutes for it to dry Naturally
    3. Jump in the shower- DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR.
    4. Apply Conditioner Sparingly, Rinse it out
    5. Get out of shower and Towel dry or blow dry your hair, combing it out as you go.
    6. Voila, Straight Silky smooth hair.


    1. Will my hair smell like spoiled milk?

    no. if you follow the directions, your hair will not have any smell.

    2. How long will the effects last?

    until the next time you wash your hair.

    3. Do I need to blow dry my hair?

    No. Allow your hair to dry naturally if you'd like, (Blow drying is not necessary, although it won't hurt if you want to.)

    4. Can I use powdered milk?

    Yes, but it needs to be mixed with cold water and reconstituted before use.

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    1. yaj11471's Avatar
      yaj11471 -
      Hi, does this work on African American hair?
    1. snowrider1's Avatar
      snowrider1 -
      What about shampoo? Won't your hair be dirty and greasy?
    1. lay-lanie's Avatar
      lay-lanie -
      Quote Originally Posted by snowrider1 View Post
      What about shampoo? Won't your hair be dirty and greasy?
      Most shampoos actually strip the natural protein called "keratin" from your hair. it's essentially like taking enamel off of teeth, very damaging. it's actually healthier for hair to just be conditioned daily and genuinely washed once or twice a week to allow your hair to recover. The milk basically acts as a moisturizer and anti-frizzing gel in one since milk has fats in it that help the hair out.
      and to yaj11471, it can be used on African American hair. you'll probably still have the curls, but at least it's cheaper than going out and buying anti-frizzing creams.
      hope this comment helped!
    1. kianars's Avatar
      kianars -
      How much milk should you spray in for thick hair?
    1. lmitchell's Avatar
      lmitchell -
      Milk? Does it matter the fat content? Skim, 1%, 2%, Whole, Goat?
    1. cnelson's Avatar
      cnelson -
      I would be thrilled if this works for my frizzy hair! Do you actually rinse the milk out before you condition?
    1. cnelson's Avatar
      cnelson -
      Quote Originally Posted by lmitchell View Post
      Milk? Does it matter the fat content? Skim, 1%, 2%, Whole, Goat?
      The instructions read "regular milk" so I would say whole.
    1. Rosiel's Avatar
      Rosiel -
      does it matter if you dont spray your hair?. can i just run it through my hair
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Does this actually work??
    1. Michelle63's Avatar
      Michelle63 -
      The instructions do not say if you are to rinse your hair either after letting milk sit and before putting conditioner in, OR after you put conditioner in or both?
    1. Venus16110's Avatar
      Venus16110 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
      Does this actually work??
      It worked for me.
    1. Besa101's Avatar
      Besa101 -
      I'll definitely give it a try and let you guys know about the results Thank you for sharing.
    1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
      FreebieQueen -
      Quote Originally Posted by Michelle63 View Post
      The instructions do not say if you are to rinse your hair either after letting milk sit and before putting conditioner in, OR after you put conditioner in or both?
      Yes they do, they say:
      1. Spray your hair with mil, wait 20 minutes
      2. Jump in the shower
      3. Condition Hair LIGHTLY and RINSE IT OUT.
      4. Towel or blow dry hair normally.
    1. LODAG's Avatar
      LODAG -
      This was a total waste of time and milk for me! And I followed the directions exactly as they are shown. Hope anyone else gets better results.
    1. AnnieT's Avatar
      AnnieT -
      We use almond milk here because of the chemicals and added junk in milk.
      Now it straightens hair?

      That is great!

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