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    • Ant Killer

      Ant Killer Recipe

      1/2 cup molasses
      1/4 cup granulated sugar
      1 envelope dry yeast

      Mix all & smear a little on small squares of cardboard,
      then place wherever ants are coming in & behind appliances.
      Comments 6 Comments
      1. thilesnancy's Avatar
        thilesnancy -
        We are going to try this today. Thanks
      1. squzzi's Avatar
        squzzi -
        Hi! how long has the been out? works like a charm
      1. masonsmommy's Avatar
        masonsmommy -
        finally i found something which borax acid....i cant have that stuff around my son
      1. kntrygrl256's Avatar
        kntrygrl256 -
        I like this idea because I have cats and they are notorious for getting into things they aren't suppose to so this would be better than using a boric acid recipe.
        I used the boric acid once before and was concerned for their health and safety. So I want something that won't cause them any harm and this may just be what I'm looking for.
      1. SuziQ523's Avatar
        SuziQ523 -
        Would powdered sugar be better than the granulated? On yesterday's post for an ant spray it specifically to use the powdered and not the granulated.
      1. lkfletch56's Avatar
        lkfletch56 -
        Im looking for one that calls for borax. Saw it on here now I can't find it. Would appreciate any help.

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