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    • MYO Non-Stick Vegetable Spray

      Store bought non-stick vegetable sprays can contain polymers,dimethyl silicone which is an anti-foaming agent and a propellent such as butane or propane. One major drawback of the store bought version is the price, (and that's if you don't mind ingesting the additional chemicals!). Here's a simple Do it yourself recipe . . .

      This simple homemade non-stick cooking spray recipe is designed to replace those tiny expensive cans of chemical laden sprays at the grocery store.

      Most Common Recipe:

      You'll Need:
      1 cup Olive Oil
      1 Misto Bottle

      Place the olive oil in the Misto Bottle, pump it several times and spray as needed.

      Original Recipe

      You'll Need:

      1/2 c. liquid lecithin
      1/2 c. Olive Oil (Or Canola oil)
      1 Misto Bottle

      Combine, store in pump spray bottle.

      Butter Flavor:
      To Make butter flavor, add 1/2 tsp Butter extract to the mix

      The Lecithin in the recipe is used as an emulsifier and also as a binder for the spray itself.

      Can Stock Photo Inc. / shcheglov
      Comments 10 Comments
      1. naomlette's Avatar
        naomlette -
        Why do you need the liquid lecithin? Why not just put the oil in a spray bottle?
      1. FreebieQueen's Avatar
        FreebieQueen -
        because oil alone doesn't work well at all. It doesn't cover well, doesn't spray well and has a tendency to clog fine mist spray bottles.

        Lecithin stabilizes emulsions, reduces spattering during frying, improves texture of spreads and flavor release, extends shelf life, and in short, makes the recipe work.
      1. dbsummersun13's Avatar
        dbsummersun13 -
        Where can I buy liquid lecithin?
      1. AngelXpress's Avatar
        AngelXpress -
        This is now on my list of gotta do's!! I just ordered liquid lecithin from Amazon. I'll follow up soon. Thanks Naomlette
      1. valisyoung's Avatar
        valisyoung -
        Liquid lecithin is expensive where I've looked. Is it me or is this more expensive than buying the can of spray?
      1. willowwend's Avatar
        willowwend -
        Quote Originally Posted by valisyoung View Post
        Liquid lecithin is expensive where I've looked. Is it me or is this more expensive than buying the can of spray?
        I just looked and found liquid lecithin for as little as $3.48 for 16 oz. (2 cups).

        If you do the math, I think you will be surprised at how much cheaper it is to make your own.
        Generally, the pre-made store spray runs around $3.50 for 8 oz. (1 cup).

        If you make your own, you are going to get 4 cups of usable product for around $5-$6.
      1. Pam0221's Avatar
        Pam0221 -

        Can you let us know where you found it for that price? Was it online or from somewhere in your local area? Thanks Pam0221
      1. MaryI95's Avatar
        MaryI95 -
        Hi all ,In the dairy case is a bottle of margarine. This bottle works well with Olive Oil. It also cost less than the spray bottle and no additives. Use the margarine or dump it in the trash your choice still cheaper than the bottle and the lecithin. You may have to rub the oil the spray might not be as thin. It works. I have been using this about 3 years. NOTE: If you decide to pour out the margarine DO NOT POUR IT IN THE SINK.
      1. chbennett's Avatar
        chbennett -
        This is the first time I have heard of this.
      1. Redneckvixen's Avatar
        Redneckvixen -
        Thanks Mary195! I will be using this tip.

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