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    Re: Article: No More Mosquitoes - Complete Pet Safe Yard Treatment

    LOL, you're really Overthinking the whole thing. 1.5L bottle of cheap blue minty mouthwash, like a bottle of equate brand (walmart brand). Open any cheap beer, like budweiser or natural lite and let...

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    List of ingredients is too vague. There are lots...

    List of ingredients is too vague. There are lots of brands of blue mouthwash, all with different chemicals in them. Which one?

    Big bottle isn't specific enough. How many ounces?

    Where does a...

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    Summer Fridge Hack

    During the summer months the kids are constantly getting in and out of the fridge to grab drinks. We picked up a couple of cheap mini-fridges went college dorm stuff went on sale.

    Put them in the...

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