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    Need Ideas for Birthday gift for 3 year old granddaughter-5g_ywsd3cku.jpg

    Want to bring your dog with you on halloween and need a way to transform him into a fantastical beast? Here's how...
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    Need Ideas for Birthday gift for 3 year old granddaughter-monster-mud1-2.jpg

    Many of the recipes, props and tutorials that are shared to create creepy looking Halloween props are created using monster mud. Monster mud is a blend that is applied like paint to props in order to create a hard shell exterior to make them hold up outdoors. Here's how to make your own...
    Uses for Bounce Sheets-b101-copycat-liptons.jpg

    Create your own simple onion soup mix to have on hand for a great last minute appetizer or for use in casseroles and other main dishes.
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    Reverse Tightwadding- What's your splurge?-garlicbread3.jpg

    This savory garlic bread makes a delicious accompaniment to any pasta dish. Light, yet full of flavor, this bread is a favorite in our home!
    EZ Foil Burgers-b101-deyellow-appliances-sm.jpg

    If you have white appliances and they're a couple years old, chances are they've already started to take on a yellowish-tint. Here's a simple De-Yellowing Formula for White Appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, air conditioning units and more...
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    Borax soap pros&cons-ghostie1.jpg

    Create your own seemingly floating ghosts to "haunt" your home this halloween! These adorable critters can be made in all sizes.
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    MYO: Vermont Cheddar and Maple Crackers-b101-toasted-marshmallow.jpg

    August 30th is officially National Toasted Marshmallow Day! With the very end of Summer near, take advantage of this yummy National food holiday to celebrate in style, invite a few friends over and toast some delicious puffs of sweetness over an open fire. Did you know that marshmallows date back to ancient Egypt? Here are a few other things you might not have known as well as some yummy ways to enjoy these little delights. . .
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    How To Get Bill Collectors Off Your Back-chalkgrease.jpg

    Nothing is more frustrating that dripping butter or sauce on a favorite shirt, only to leave a permanent nasty little grease spot. Here is a simple, yet effective way to remove a greasy stain . . .
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    REC: Basic Breakfast Bread Mix-b101-toothache-sm.jpg

    Having a toothache can be absolutely miserable, particularly if you can't afford the often expensive dental care to remedy it. Here's a simple do it yourself remedy for minor toothache pain that you can do at home . . .

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