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    • You're Gettin' Muffin For Christmas

      Wondering what to give the person who has it all? Or perhaps you have a white elephant party you plan on attending... just tell them, "You're Gettin' Muffin For Christmas" . . .
      This one is a fun play on words and can be together a number of ways inexpensively. First, pick a delicious homemade muffin mix, we currently have 65+ muffin mixes here

      You'll Need
      1 New dishtowel
      1 package muffin mix & Homemade Gift Tag
      1 wooden spoon
      Ribbon or Bows

      What to do...
      Fold dishtowel & place wooden spoon on folded towel. Place muffin mix package on utensil.

      Tie all together with Ribbons and attach a tag.

      Attach label/tag.

      "You're Gettin' Muffin For Christmas"

      Alternatively, you could line a small basket with a pretty cloth napkin or dishtowel and insert several different muffin mixes. Then attach a tag to it exclaiming, "You're Gettin' Muffin For Christmas".

      We'd love to see how Your Homemade Muffin Gift turned out, please feel free to share photos in the comments below!

      Can Stock Photo Inc. / DmKm
      Comments 1 Comment
      1. shar32's Avatar
        shar32 -
        Great idea, everbody likes to eat and an inexpensive gift.

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