• Snowman Repair Kit

    Free Dove T-Shirt (CA)-b101-snowman-repair-kit-sm.jpgMake your own Snowman Repair Kit! As a kid my mom kept a box in the closet that had everything we needed to create
    a gorgeous new frosty at the drop of fresh snow... we couldn't wait for those school cancellations to roll so we could grab that box and head out the door. . .

    Add the Following to a Mason Jar or Small Box (You could decorate the box with decoupage christmas scenes!)

    A black plastic or Felt hat
    2 googly eyes
    3 buttons
    a strip of fabric
    a couple of small twigs
    a twig painted orange for the nose
    tiny paper snowflakes

    If you happen to have access to some woodworking tools you can make a snowman repair kit on a slightly grander scale by cutting out several round circles & painting them as buttons, eyes and mouth pieces, then attaching dowels that can be plunged into the snowball to form
    frostys features. These work much like a Mr. Potato head!

    Snowman Repair Kit

    Being outside all day and night,
    Can make me look a dreadful sight.
    I melt, I break, I lose some parts,
    Which tends to break some people's hearts,
    So here's a repair kit just for you
    To make your snowman look brand new!

    Submitted by Linda
    (Whether Linda is the Original Author of the Poem is not currently known as she did not reply to our emails)
    Canstock Photo Sandralise
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    1. Chelsea10's Avatar
      Chelsea10 -
      Why is there a print button when it doesn't format the page to print? It leads me back to the forum instead of printing the page I am on.
    1. burkett's Avatar
      burkett -
      Quote Originally Posted by Chelsea10 View Post
      Why is there a print button when it doesn't format the page to print? It leads me back to the forum instead of printing the page I am on.
      What kind of computer/tablet, etc are you using? I'm using a regular desktop with windows 7 and it formatted fine for me just now...

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