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    • Santa's Magical Cocoa

      Need an inexpensive last minute gift idea? Here's a delightful way to gift some homemade cocoa mix . . .

      You'll Need:

      a strip of tissue paper
      a Mason Jar
      Cocoa or Cappuccino Mix
      Modge Podge
      a small strip of feather ribbon
      Black felt or black paper

      For Rudolph You'll Need:
      Candy Cane
      a piece of brown pipe cleaner
      a tiny piece of red pip cleaner
      A black sharpie
      glue gun

      Wrap the jar around the middle with a strip of tissue paper, attach it with modge podge (or homemade decoupage glue). Let it dry.

      While it's drying, cut out a small piece of tissue paper for the top of the jar. The easiest way to do so is to trace the inside of a canning jar top, then cut it out with scissors.

      Glue the round circle to the top of the jar cover. Attach the feather ribbon to the cap with a couple dabs of hot glue from the glue gun.

      Cut out a small rectangle for santa's belt buckle and attach it to the red strip around the jar.

      To make Rudolph simply draw a couple eyes with a black sharpie, add a dot of white in the middle. To make the antlers, bend a small piece of brown pipe cleaner, attach with hot glue, if needed. Add a tiny piece of red pipe cleaner that has been folded in half to make Rudolphs nose.

      This fun santa cocoa jar is suitable for all ages and costs less than $2 to make, a fun gift the entire family can enjoy. Check out our Hot Chocolate/Cocoa and Cappuccino/Coffee Mixes for the perfect filling . . .
      Comments 2 Comments
      1. Susan1's Avatar
        Susan1 -
        Have to do this for my g-daughter
      1. nana5545's Avatar
        nana5545 -
        Saving this for next year for my kids at church. Thanks.

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