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    • Marshmallow Cocoa Stirrers

      Chicken Ala King (Crockpot Recipe)-b101-gbmarsh0.gif Delight your kids, friends and neighbors with these deliciously fun Marshmallow Hot Chocolate stirrers! Package a few with some homemade cocoa and you've got an instant gift for under $5!

      You'll Need:

      These are so simple, the kids will enjoy creating them.

      Step #1: Break off the hook end of the candy cane.

      Step #2: Insert it into a marshmallow.

      Chicken Ala King (Crockpot Recipe)-b101-marsh2.gif

      Step #3: Using the edible pens (I prefer Americolor Gourmet Writers) add designs.

      Some ideas are: Snowflakes, steaming mugs of cocoa, candy canes, snowman faces etc

      Chicken Ala King (Crockpot Recipe)-b101-marsh1.gif

      To add designs using colored sprinkles You'll need water, sprinkles and fine paintbrush.

      Chicken Ala King (Crockpot Recipe)-b101-marsh5.gif

      "Paint" the design of your choice onto the marshmallow with water and roll in colored sprinkles.

      Some Tips:
      You'll need to work fast as the water will evaporate leaving gaps in your design.

      Chicken Ala King (Crockpot Recipe)-b101-marsh3.gif

      How to Draw A snowflake:
      Chicken Ala King (Crockpot Recipe)-b101-marsh6.gif
      First, Draw an "X"
      Draw a line through the middle of the "X"
      Add various size "V"s or dots, as desired.
      Comments 8 Comments
      1. drea's Avatar
        drea -
        OMG, These are SO CUTE! What an amazingly simple idea! I made cocoa and coffee mixes for christmas this year. I cant wait to make some of these to go with them
      1. magpaine's Avatar
        magpaine -
        How adorabe, will definately try this idea!!!
      1. magpaine's Avatar
        magpaine -
        Adorable! I will try these, along with the home made cocoa. It would be fun to use cherry sticks also for a cherry cocoa treat. Neat!
      1. sexton101's Avatar
        sexton101 -
        Making these today! I'm using Hershey's chocolate mint candy canes, I almost got carmel and vanilla and chocolate and vanilla marshmallows, but I thought the candy canes were enough flavoring! With Strawberry Marshmallows, and Pumpkin shaped ones, these aren't just limited to Christmas! Thanks for sharing!
      1. Duckiesmom's Avatar
        Duckiesmom -
        I am going to make these for valentines day. Thanks for the idea!
      1. cathyann99's Avatar
        cathyann99 -
        I am definitely doing this for Christmas! Love this idea
      1. reneemc's Avatar
        reneemc -
        What a great and fun idea!!! Cant wait for hot cocoa weather to try this!
      1. kimpossible59's Avatar
        kimpossible59 -
        I have all the stuff to do this today, I think i'll do it, since we have 21 below with the wind chill, brrrrrr

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