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    • 300+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for All Ages

      gift certificate deals ?-ssb101.jpg The holidays are rapidly approaching and the stockings have yet to be stuffed! Here are 300+ creative stocking stuffer ideas for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, tweens, moms, dads and more! Plus, print out our Free Stocking Stuffer guide to bring with you while you shop!
      The following is a list of over 300 Stocking stuffers that we've compiled for you into various categories/ages. For a few of the more.. unique choices, we've added links to Amazon so you can see what we're talking about.

      We'd love to hear your favorite stocking stuffer ideas as well, so please feel free to share them in the comments below. Also, we have created a Free pdf shopping printout of this complete list for you to take with you while you shop for stocking stuffers. We recommend highlighting the ones you might like to purchase before you head out and then check them off as you find them.

      Stocking Stuffers for All Ages

      1. Address/date book.
      2. Bacon Chocolate Bar (This was a HUGE Hit last year!)
      3. Bath salts and spa items
      4. Book Light
      5. Calculator
      6. Camera memory card
      7. Candles
      8. Card games
      9. Cell phone or accessories
      10. Chapstick
      11. Chocolates and candy
      12. Christmas Ornament
      13. Comb
      14. Cookies
      15. Cough Drops
      16. Deodorant
      17. Dental Floss
      18. Dental Picks
      19. DVDs
      20. Dice.
      21. Favorite Candy
      22. Gift certificates
      23. Golf balls or other hobby goodies
      24. Gum
      25. Hair Accessories
      26. Hand Sanitizer
      27. Hand Warmers
      28. Homemade Gift Coupons
      29. Hot Cocoa Mixes
      30. iPod case
      31. Jewelry
      32. Kitchen items, such as a spatula
      33. Magazine subscription
      34. Manicure Set
      35. Novelty Dental Floss (Bacon Flavored, Dill Pickle flavored, Ranch Flavored, Salad Flavored, Absinthe Flavored etc)
      36. Ornaments
      37. Pencil Sharpener
      38. Picture frame
      39. Scarves and gloves
      40. Scrunchies
      41. Slipper Socks
      42. Snack Packages
      43. Snow globes
      44. Socks/slippers
      45. Stationery or note cards
      46. Tickets to a concert or sports event
      47. Toothbrush.
      48. Two-dollar bill
      49. Vitamin 'C' Drops

      gift certificate deals ?-300stockingstuffers.jpg Download Free Stocking Stuffer Guide

      Stocking Stuffers for Babies & Toddlers

      1. Adorable Socks
      2. Baby Photo Book (Put in photos of the little ones favorite peeps! Little ones Love photos of themselves!)
      3. Bubble Bath
      4. Bath Crayons
      5. Bubbles
      6. Character Band-aids
      7. Character Spoon/Fork Utensil Set
      8. Character Kids Cup or Sippy Cup
      9. Pacifier

      Stocking Stuffers for Kids

      1. Acrylic Paints
      2. Astronaut Ice Cream
      3. Barrettes
      4. Candy Necklace
      5. Cat's Cradle Game String
      6. Chapstick
      7. Chinese Yo-Yo
      8. Cocoa Stirrers
      9. Coloring books or game books
      10. Cookie Cutters & Mix
      11. Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
      12. Diary or journal
      13. Die Cast Cars .
      14. Disposable Camera
      15. Dolls or tiny teddy bears
      16. Card games
      17. Certificates to paint ceramics or make a bear
      18. Doll Accessories
      19. Duct Tape (& instructional seat for making a Duct Tape Wallet!)
      20. DVDs
      21. Earrings.
      22. Expandable Towel, Washcloth or T-Shirt (Dollar store!)
      23. Exploding Bath Buddies
      24. Fruit Snacks
      25. Food Shaped Erasers
      26. Gift certificates (McDonalds, Wendys Frosty, Burger King, Subway)
      27. Gift Certificate for Home Depot Kids Workshop
      28. Glow in the Dark Stars & Planets
      29. Glow Sticks
      30. Glue Sticks
      31. Hair Accessories
      32. Hand Warmer Heat Packs
      33. Handheld games
      34. Homemade Gift Coupons for Kids under 10
      35. iPod shuffle
      36. Jewelry (For Dress Up, Costume Jewelry)
      37. Kazoo
      38. Lego Mini
      39. Lipstick/ Lip Gloss
      40. Markers
      41. Matchbox Cars
      42. McDonalds Gift Card $5 for an ice cream or apple pie
      43. Milkshake Straws
      44. Miniatures (such as tea sets, doll furniture)
      45. Mini Box of Cereal (From freebies!)
      46. Mini Nail Polish in several colors (Dollar Store)
      47. Mittens or gloves
      48. Noise-Makers (Kazoo, shakers, tambourine, maracas, whistle)
      49. Novelty Pens
      50. Movie tickets
      51. Oranges
      52. Origami Paper
      53. Paintbrushes
      54. Pez Dispensers & Pez Candies
      55. Playdough
      56. Puzzles
      57. Rubix Cube.
      58. Scrapbook Scissors
      59. Silly Putty
      60. Silly Straws
      61. Silly String
      62. Slap Bracelets
      63. Slinky
      64. Slippers
      65. Smencils (Scented Pencils)
      66. Snow globes
      67. Sport cards
      68. Stickers - scratch and sniff stickers
      69. Stationery or note cards
      70. Tape (for crafts!)
      71. Theme park admission
      72. Travel Games
      73. Watercolor Paints
      74. Yo-Yo

      Download Free Stocking Stuffer Guide
      gift certificate deals ?-300stockingstuffers.jpg

      Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenagers:

      1. Beef Jerky
      2. Breath Mints- Altoids, TicTacs, Lifesavers
      3. Cell Phone or iPod Cover
      4. Compact Mirror
      5. Cough Drops
      6. Deck of Cards.
      7. Earbuds
      8. Embroidery Thread & Directions for making Friendship Bracelets
      9. Fan Gear (Sports/Music/School)
      10. Fridge Magnets Poetry
      11. Gel Pens
      12. Gift Cards - bowling, Skating, Movies, Gas Card if they drive, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks,
      13. Hemp & Directions for making necklaces
      14. Homemade Gift Coupons for Teens
      15. iTunes Gift Card
      16. Journal
      17. Keychain
      18. Liars Dice
      19. Magazine
      20. Make-Up
      21. Markers
      22. Money Clip
      23. Pens
      24. Perfume/ Cologne
      25. Self-Tanner
      26. Sharpies in Different Colors
      27. Stretchy Book Cover
      28. USB Flash Drive
      29. Vitamin 'C' Drops
      30. Wallet

      Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Moms

      1. Bath Salts
      2. Body Lotions
      3. Bracelet, Bracelet Charms
      4. Camera Memory Card
      5. Candles
      6. Chocolates
      7. Cookie Cutters
      8. Coffee Mug.
      9. Coffee Shop Gift Card- Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, etc
      10. Cooking Spices (Small packets of unique spices!)
      11. Crochet or knitting needles
      12. Cup Cozy
      13. Earrings
      14. Emery Boards
      15. Gourmet Coffee
      16. Hair Accessories
      17. Hairbrush
      18. Handmade Soaps
      19. Headbands
      20. Homemade Gift Coupons for Moms
      21. Keychain Charms
      22. Loofah Sponge
      23. Magnetic Fridge Frame with Pics of the Family/Kids/Pets
      24. Mascara
      25. Massage Oils
      26. Nail Polish
      27. Note Cards
      28. Novelty Socks
      29. Paperback of a book she's been wanting to read
      30. Perfume.
      31. Personalized Stationary
      32. Pumice stone
      33. Seeds
      34. Scarf
      35. Scented Hand Lotion
      36. Scented Hand Sanitizer
      37. Scrapbooking Embellishments such as tags, ribbons, etc
      38. Scratch Tickets (lotto)
      39. Specialty Tea
      40. Stylus
      41. Tea Infusers
      42. Tights/Nylons
      43. USB Flash Drives

      Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dads

      1. All-in-One Tool
      2. Air Fresheners (Car)
      3. Bandanas
      4. BBQ Supplies
      5. Beef Jerky
      6. Beer- Pick a Unique Flavor
      7. Beer Koozies
      8. Bungee Cords
      9. Car Charger for cell phone
      10. Car Wash Gift Card (or homemade coupons for a car wash!)
      11. Chocolates
      12. Clip-on Lights
      13. Coffee Mug
      14. Cologne
      15. Comb
      16. Coffee Shop Gift Card- Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, etc
      17. Drill Bits
      18. Electrical Tape in different colors
      19. Electronic Poker Game
      20. Fudge.
      21. Gift Cards - bowling, Skating, Movies, Gas Card if they drive, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks
      22. Gift Coupons
      23. Golf Balls
      24. Golf Tees
      25. Gourmet Coffee Samples
      26. Guitar Strings/Picks
      27. Hat/Cap
      28. Hair Cut Certificate
      29. Hide a Key Box
      30. Homemade Gift Coupons for Dads
      31. Hunting Accessories (animal calls, flint, compass)
      32. Key Covers
      33. Knife Sharpener
      34. Man Jewelry
      35. Mini Flashlights
      36. Money Clip
      37. Nail Clippers/Tweezers
      38. Novelty Ice Trays (Brains, bullets, etc)
      39. Pens/Pencils
      40. Picture Hangers
      41. Pocket Knife
      42. Protein Bars
      43. Rain Poncho
      44. Razors/Razor Refills
      45. Scratch Tickets (Lotto)
      46. Shaving Cream or Soap
      47. Shoe or Bootlaces
      48. Shoe Horn
      49. Shot Glass
      50. Small Tools- wrenches, screwdrivers
      51. Sports Paraphernalia
      52. Tape Measure
      53. Tie.
      54. Universal Remote Control
      55. Wallet
      56. Weatherproofing spray
      57. Zip Ties

      Download Free Stocking Stuffer Guide
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      Comments 12 Comments
      1. caroldelaney's Avatar
        caroldelaney -
        This is awesome and very helpful. Thanks!
      1. geauxtigers's Avatar
        geauxtigers -
        Great ideas. Very helpful. Thanks
      1. bon3262's Avatar
        bon3262 -
        What a great listing! Thanks for sharing! My mind gets so boggled just trying to think of normal gifts that stocking gift lists are impossible to create.

        So this is a great list because I won't be so apt to buy my crutch purchases of 4 kids = 4 like giftsl
      1. KateM's Avatar
        KateM -
        Some very great ideas! Thank you for so many unique suggestions. Christmas will be fun watching everyone go through their gifts.
      1. KysMomma's Avatar
        KysMomma -
        My daughter is 9-years-old and has Autism. Books are a favourite stocking stuffer, so are the foam art kits from Walmart or other craft stores. She loves using the stickers to create new projects! I also go to the dollar store, and buy small plastic containers for her sequins and glitter. Popsicle sticks are another great addition.
      1. hdchick's Avatar
        hdchick -
        great ideas, can't wait to use these as a reference
      1. Amym1965's Avatar
        Amym1965 -
        Can't wait to use this guide for the whole family!
      1. IrishIz's Avatar
        IrishIz -
        Been looking for new ideas for stocking stuffers!
      1. IrishIz's Avatar
        IrishIz -
        I have been looking for some new ideas for stocking stuffers. Thanks!
      1. shawmj's Avatar
        shawmj -
        Many great pointers on what to select for any age and special needs. Thank you.
      1. RLBandCRB's Avatar
        RLBandCRB -
        These seem like great ideas!
      1. RLBandCRB's Avatar
        RLBandCRB -
        I think i'Lloyd be able to use quite a few of these wonderful ideas

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