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      Default Cheap Travel Snacks for Kids

      * Before we hit the road, I let my kids make their own Chex mix, without nuts. I also travel with Nutri-Grain bars, crackers (Cheez-Its, Sesame Twigs, Triscuits, etc.), raisins, grapes, Sun Chips, Gorilla Munch (an organic cereal similar to Kix), celery sticks w/peanut butter and raisins for protein to combat sluggishness from riding in the car, and bananas! -- ladydst83

      * A mix of rice and wheat Chex cereal with some pretzels added -- I give this to my grandson when we are on the road. -- wikiscogg

      * Popcorn, esp. the low-fat kind -- sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on it for more flavor. -- nickel76nicky

      * My kids chow these down: Cut up whole-wheat flour pita bread into pieces. Brush on olive oil, bake for about 12-15 minutes, remove and sprinkle with garlic powder and shredded cheese. Continue baking until crispy. -- dkjones27

      2. FREEZE 'EM FIRST Make mini banana-nut bread loaves, freeze, then thaw in morning and slice for snack; great with peanut butter and slice of banana on top ... Mix fruit or jam into yogurt and freeze in small, snack-sized Ziploc bags for frozen yogurt on the go. Cut a hole in the end of the bag for easy access/eating.... Make a batch of pudding and add coconut, nuts, marshmallows, crushed cookies, or sprinkles. Pour into molds. Freeze several hours until firm (stays nice as it thaws!) -- nickel76nicky

      3. PITA POCKETS Stuff them with things not normally in a sandwich -- pizza-type cheese and pepperoni, thick chili and cheese, veggies, hot dogs -- and heat. Also, tortilla roll-ups may be fixed ahead and kept warm. If the fillings are messy, wrap in waxed or parchment paper. Then put them them in your warm cooler. -- BAlieceHall

      4. SALAD (YES, SALAD!) I either put it in a small bowl and the kids can put dressing on it, or in a to-go cup so they have "shaker salad." I bought little Tupperware-type containers from WalMart that are square with a small round center, with its own lid. I'll put veggies and dip in one and cheese and crackers in the other. The kids really like it. -- photomomof2

      5. HEARTIER FINGER FOOD Homemade sweet potato fries, chicken tenders, fish sticks, corn dogs on a wooden skewer, hashbrown patties from the store, wrapped in wax paper. A favorite: mini meatloaves stuffed with mashed potatoes -- it's not hard to do in a muffin pan. -- nickel76nicky

      6. CUT-UP APPLES A little orange juice will keep them from turning brown. --mom2curty

      7. DON'T FORGET THE DRINKS Take plenty of water! Fill plastic water bottles 2/3 up and freeze; then put in a small cooler instead of ice to keep foods cool. When they melt, you have nice cold water on hand. Juice boxes also freeze up well; just pack in anything that needs to stay chilled around them. -- nickel76nicky


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