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    by on 05-25-2009 at 06:54 AM (1800 Views)
    To the major disappointment of my cat , we have added a new family member, an 8 week old Pekachon. He is adorable just a little fuzz ball. His name is Teddy. His mom is a Pekapoo (part Pekingese and poodle mix) and dad is a Bichon.

    Yesterday we went shopping and decided to stop at a pizza place to take home for dinner. The pizza place is one that makes the pizza and then you take it home to bake. While the pizza was being made the boys happened to notice a flyer up with these adorable little puppies and it said "GIVEAWAY" with a couple different prices scribbled out ($200 and $100). We have been talking about getting a puppy for the boys but wanted a little one that could stay inside. Winter's are nasty here to a human let alone an animal so a little one could stay inside with minor messes during the winter months. The cat will be larger then this little guy will ever be. So with the help of the guy fixing our dinner we begged the hubby to at least go see the puppies. Well there was only one left and the first thing the puppy does is curl up on the hubby's neck and licks then wimpers. SOLD!!!! As I told the boys "Dad tries to act tough but he is a big softy when it comes to animals". Story goes the people are moving and can't take the puppies with them. So we walk out and head home with the little guy.

    After we got home we decided to look on the internet to see what kind of a mix he was, sorry never been that into dogs to have a clue what a Pekachon was. The people had shaved down both mom and dad so that really did not help a whole lot either. The hubby soon discovers that we really hit the gold mine with this one. These puppies sell for around $400 each. These are little designer dogs and he will always be a little thing.

    Teddy is a little high maintainence at the moment. All of a sudden go from a house with three other dogs still there to a house with nothing but a cat. If you walk outside, he starts crying. Put him in his cage to try to sleep (I mean the humans sleep) he cries and cries and cries. Have yet to hear him bark which is okay with me, but goodness the crying is heartbreaking. So big ole tough hubby slept on the couch last night with Teddy snuggled tightly on his chest.

    The cat, she is not so happy. Has hissed a few times even though the puppy has tried to give her food and licked her. She has been perched looking at him trying to decide if he is a threat or not. She will mellow some as long as she stays bigger and can peer down at him from her posts.
    Family life


    1. DohDohBird -
      DohDohBird's Avatar
      Awww...you have to post pictures of your new little guy.
    2. fosterfamily5 -
      fosterfamily5's Avatar
      Yeah!!!! I'm so happy for you guys.
    3. tsgal -
      tsgal's Avatar
      Yes you have to post pictures, got see your new family member. My Dh is a sucker for animals too. That's how come we got our Jack Russell. Someone dumped her off at his work, he called and said that we have a new puppy coming home with him. She's been a pleasure to have too. Enjoy your new puppy, they are a joy to have.
    4. JoAnn -
      JoAnn's Avatar
      Oh my you got me to look about the net for a picture. These little ones do look like Teddy Bears.. What color is your little one ?
    5. wilbe95 -
      wilbe95's Avatar
      Teddy is all white with just a slight touch of cream on the tips of his ears. I will try to get a picture on here. Let one of the boys use the camera and now for some reason when you turn it on it starts snapping pictures every 10 seconds.

      He managed to sleep for four hours last night before he woke up crying around. Reminds me why I stopped having kids,

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