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    1. Drama Queen Outburst by a 3 year old

      My three year old little girl is such a drama queen. I made cookies last night and her dad ate them all. Of course she did not know this, when she opened the microwave to get a cookie off the plate she screamed to the top of her lungs and then said mama we are out of cookies daddy ate the last one and ran to the refrig to get the left over cookie mix ...
    2. Motivation please....

      Oh I need help. I cannot motivate myself to do anything lately. I have 4 boys so you can imagine my laundry and dishes. I am so tired of picking up after them. I will get the house organized and then on the evenings I work, come home to a mess again. My hubby, God bless him, doesn't help too much. Please understand I love him so much ...
    3. I fixed my dryer today

      Instead of calling the repairman i ordered the parts for my dryer at a store and fixed my dryer today myself. so no money spend on repairman. It was jsut the starter switch and i know it was soemthing i could handle. I know before any repair unplug the appliance.
    4. Blessed Mabon, Happy Fall!

      It's no secret that this is by far my most favorite time of the year. I love all of the colors of fall as well as the scrumptious taste of all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available.

      Most of all, I love decorating for autumn and for Halloween. You can create really nice ...
    5. Deals & Grocery Savings

      I didn't get a chance to post many deals today folks, today I got to play catch up. I had coupons to clip, laundry to do , decorating for halloween (the good news is, I'll be posting several new step by step photos for halloween crafts tomorrow!), and of course, I had to go grocery shopping.
      This week I spent a bit ...