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  1. Financial Freedom is Huge, but THIS is Worth So MUCH MORE

    I've been running this Finance/budgeting website for over 15 years now and Financial Freedom is Huge, but what I've come to understand in the past 15 years is, Emotional Freedom is worth so much more.

    If you learn nothing else from reading this site, I implore you to learn this fact: What Other People Think of You is NONE of Your Business. ...
  2. what do you see
  3. Ready for the Holidays?

    The kids are mostly grown now.. one is a sophomore in college and the other is a Senior is High School. Santa is dead and gone in their eyes and getting them together in the same room during holidays is like pulling teeth (mainly due to their jobs). I've gotten to the point where the holidays don't really mean much and I don't really look forward them ...
  4. Learning the Blog

    Well For one..I'm 38 years old..Not sure if I'm going threw Menopause..or I'M prego..Doing a test tomorrow..Scared..Having hot flashes..and no period..just brown stuff....for two days and went away..we will see in the morning..I have two son's one is 18 The other is 10...scared here
  5. Checking in

    I keep thinking I'll be back on this site daily again but things are so hectic I rarely have time to sit down and go online. I thought when we retired I'd have all this time to do the things I wanted to do but I've discovered I have way less time now. One thing after another keeps happening. Right now my husband took a job to help pay off our ...
  6. Grief and Anger

    July has been a rather rough month so far. I lost my mother on the 2. Although expected, it still hurts. And there is a bit of guilt because it is also relief. I know my mother is no longer in pain and the quality of life she had the last few months wasn't good. By turns I am sad, numb, angry and relieved.
    Then this morning my little inner voice
    Various Thoughts
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