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    1. When it rains it pours

      My computer up and died and ended up having to buy a new one. Stuck with windows 8.1 and its been a nightmare. They gave me 8 pages of keystroke fixes which I've needed to use constantly. DH says he hates Lenix but I used of his Lenix laptops until we could afford to get me a new one and it was way easier to use than Windows 8.1. I'm thinking I'll ...
    2. What a Litigious Society we live in . . .

      I rarely listen to the news these days, partly because it's rarely any actual "news" and instead mostly hype designed to fill people with baseless fear.. but on the rare occasion that I do subject myself to the drivel of the morning news I am usually floored by the insanity of the world.

      Take this morning for instance.. people are literally ...
    3. Getting my act together

      I've been so busy getting things done and my house has slowly gone to pot. I finally woke up to what was happening and came up with a plan to get my house clean and organized with under an hour a day dedicated to it.

      I printed out a calendar for December and started putting daily chores on it. Like one day I whip through and clean ...
    4. I love the changing season's

      Its snowed twice this week, just a light dusting each time. It's been really cold. We went from highs in the 70's to highs in the 20's literally overnight. So its been hard to handle as we didn't have to slow change over we normally have. But never the less, I love the changing seasons! We are suppose to get 3" of snow Saturday through ...
    5. I'm back online and here again but frustrated with Budget 101!

      I've been gone awhile but life has improved and winter is setting in so I have more time. We finished harvesting the fields this week and I'm really looking forward to the slower moving winter months. I got an e-mail yesterday from Budget 101 this weeks Giveaways on Budget101. I was excited to see today's (Nov. 8th) was a food saver and I really ...
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